Durga Travels

By: Sarmistha Neogy

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 “Can you stop munching on those cheese makhanas and pack your bags, Ganesh!!! This is the last time I am telling you,” Durga yelled at her son while ironing her clothes.

Ever since the lockdown, the otherwise patient Durga has been losing her temper quite often. You can’t blame her, the moment anyone enters Ganesh and Kartik’s room, they all have the same outburst.

One look at their room and you will get an idea of how a place looks like when a storm passes by. Clothes scattered all over the room, used plates lying on the bed, a half-eaten packet of chips, and a line of ants smartly marching their way to reach the gulabjamun tin, placed on Ganesh’s laptop.

The pot-bellied boyjumped out of bed when he realised his mother was not in the mood to mess with him. Durga noticed the dent on Ganesh’s mattress as he had been lying on the same spot for several months.

“Ma can I please carry these tinned sweets in the check-in luggage? Ever since I have started working out with Kartik, I am getting frequent blackouts. So I need to pop one immediately the moment I feel dizzy”.

Durga’s glare conveyed her answer to him.

As soon as Durga notices Kartik’s bag, her attention turns from Ganesh to her other son. “How many times do I need to stress that we need to travel light due to COVID-19 restrictions. Airlines are very strict about this” Durga says.

“Kartik are you even listening to me? I’m talking to you, put your headphones down.” He notices his mother fuming. “But, I’m just doing an online class to learn how to develop an app Ma!”

“Kartik, I am receiving emails from your class teacher every day. Why do turn off your camera during the online classes? When will you get serious in life? I will complain to your baba…” Durga goes on, while Kartik increases the volume of his device.

Amid the lockdown, Kartik was assigned the work of mowing the lawn. But, he ended up swiping left and right on Tinder and fixing virtual dates every evening. As for Ganesh, he was assigned duty in the kitchen after he volunteered for it. However, his mom soon realised that food always fell short on the days he was in the kitchen. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for her to figure out what was going wrong.

“Good Job Boys” “What For Ma?” “With your dedication and hard work, you have created a replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Had there been no lockdown and travel restrictions, I could have made it open for public” With that, Durga stomps out of the room and slams the door behind her!

By: Sarmistha Neogy

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