I’m Still Alive


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I had many experiences, in this short tenure of life,

Sometimes life was blissful fine, sometimes it pricks as like a knife,

Sometimes it was full of happiness, sometimes it provides melancholy,

Sometimes it’ looks like wasting time in hell, sometimes full of holy,

That’s the reason Life itself symbolizes a race,

It’s totally like a fluctuating case,

With lots of pain but have to face,

If you want to exist yourself in this race,

Make yourself as like a sharp needle,

Because life plays with you as like a riddle,

You have to maintain your speed when you drive.

You have to be there as an alive, Just remember till the last cases,

There will be many tragic faces,

But have to be there to make your wining lay,

One day your hard work definitely will pay,

So, just remember guys, You have to finish on your own,

Don’t let yourself go down, Do win the race on your own,

It looks like that beautiful fawn,

But one mistake makes you so much down,

So just remember, don’t let yourself drown,

You have to present yourself for that wining crown,

You have to participate till its last face, It’s a game known as a race,

Which is different in each and every case,

The rule is simple till your existence, you’ll have to face,

Just start and finish this race, Like a tortoise and a rabbit case,

You have to participate for your better later,

Where not the speed but the winning matter,

So, guys, If your haters will deliver you any phrase,

Like you don’t deserve any achievement,

And you won’t exist in this high success with this fame life,

Just answered him, You should know, I’m still breathing in this life,

Can do anything as I’m still alive….


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