Am I so worthless

By: Aushima

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Maybe benevolent is not my soul 

But what I try is whole 

Maybe I give up a thousand times 

But would that be considered in crimes 

Am I so worthless

That you all have to give me is mirthless 

Half population knows how to throw out tears 

But who knows how to hold their bears .

Half of them know how to insult 

But how many know how to consult 

Maybe I am a shame 

Never am I fitting in that frame 

Am I so worthless 

That you all have to give me is mirthless 

They will never understand me 

They will never try to understand me 

Why will they care about my mind 

Why will they care about my mind

Never will they become intertwined 

But have they taught me to be strong

And never be the ride along 

Am I so worthless 

That u have to give is mirthless 

Why is it always me who wheezes in sadness 

Why is it always me made fun of

Why is it me always who cries in the dark 

Why without fail do you leave me with the never going mark

I can remember all the bullying and emotional damage u gave me 

With all the experience now i have a low dignity 

Maybe I commit a thousand mistakes  

Maybe I do achieve a thousand failures 

But Why do you always succeed in making my self esteem lower 

Because you never and never try to know her 

I am the glass

With a very weak breaking  point 

I have a low pride 

With a shame of mine 

Am I so worthless 

That  you have to give me is mirthless

By: Aushima

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