I love you till death and apart

By: Aushima

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With a tears falling down her face

She took the scythe from death 

She traced her last breath

she took out her heart . 

Because She says that  “him” stays in that part 

She said “ your price is repaid “

With stumbling bruises given by the blade 

Giving death her love of life 

She turns her back on him 

With a body that’s living dead 

Dried tears 

Blood lost its colour 

Mouth lost its humour 

Lost beloved and close allies 

Shimmer gone of the eyes 

So Colourless she became 

That the shades of black and blue where in shame 

Felt like everything took a depart 

Not again this world forcing them to go apart 

She left me , whatever we had was nothing but hallucination ,

Whatever we had was nothing but a painful yet beautiful imagination 

my extreme endeavour 

To have you was nothing but a lie 

May your body live forever 

Maybe leaving the cause of disaster was clever 

Stars disappearing in the sky 

I actually never deserved that goodbye 

Even after your betrayal sweetheart 

There i have to lose him 

I have to lose my life’s  hymn 

Death will give you a better me 

Maybe someone who gets your spirit of free 

Benolenvent loved one 

And a clean heart and mind for you 

Makes me run 

Harsh life of mine is not meant for you 

Trust me , i always want your coup 

Even after my betrayal sweetheart 

I love you to Death and apart 

By: Aushima

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