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I am going to tell you about an incident that happened to me a few months before. I am a teenage girl with short hair.                                                                                                                   

In December when it gets bitter cold, the school gets winter vacation and on this vacation, one day when I was in my room busy with my assignment, suddenly it gets darker outside which makes me feel sleepy. Then, I stop my work and go to bed to sleep. After sometime“I dreamed a dream”.

In a dream I saw myself in a hospital, standing in front of an old man lying on a bed with oxygen masks on his face. The old man was looking at me and I heard him whispering “my son my son…..”. Soon one nurse came shouting and I woke up.It was a very scary dream, I washed my face, had a glass of water, then I noticed that there was a crack on one side of the wall of my room but I do not pay much attention to it. The very next morning I started my work sitting on the table and observe that the crack was more. When I keep staring at the wall I feel that I can make out the face on the wall by those cracks. After a few seconds, I realized that the face on the wall was the same face that I saw in my dream. I was frightened, confused, and lost in my mind for a few seconds, then I called my close friendRatan. Ratan lived in the same area where I lived.

Ratan said hi to me and I welcomed him to my room. Then, without wasting any time I told him about my dream and asked him whether he can see the face on the wall by those cracks. He looked on the wall for some time and finally said yes I can see the face. I asked him to sketch the face on the paper because he was a good artist. On a blank white paper, he sketchesthe face and I was shocked by looking at his sketch because the photo of an old man was similar to the one which I saw in my dream.I quickly asked Ratan to search how many hospitals are there in our city. He said two hospitals are there one is Tata main hospital and the other one is MGM. I was thankful to god that only two hospitals were there. I asked him to come with me to the hospital in search of an old man. He said, are you sure, I said yes because I knew there was some connection between my dream and the face on the wall, which I need to find out. He was ready to come with me and taken permission from his parents and I asked my parents but we didn’t tellthem about the hospitals, we lied to our parents and went out in search of an old man.

We went to the Tata main hospital first, holdinga sketch of an old man in one hand. We showed the sketch to one of the nurses sitting in front of the computer and I asked her, whether she can tell us about this man by looking at his photo that he is admitted to this hospital or not. She was looking at us in a very astonishing way but very politely she said that it would be better if you could tell me the name of this man because the everyday number of patients get admitted to this hospital. We said sorry to her that we don’t know the name of this man. Then, the nurse asked, what is the relation of this man with you two? We both get to fall in thought as to what to answer her and at that moment she got a call, and she asked another nurse to find out the patient for us by seeing his photo. Another nurse did not ask any questions and started searching for the photo of this old man in the patient list. After an hour she replied that she could not found the photo of this man in the patient list. I was very sorry to hear that. Ratan and I left for home and decided to go to the MGM hospital the next day as the whole day was gone in the Tata hospital.I dropped Ratan at his house and returned to my house. It was already 9 ‘o’clock, so I had my dinner and went to my room. I was surprised to see that the cracks were more highlighted, more clear to me. I simply went to sleep.

The next day, I and Ratan went to the MGM hospital. This time we hesitate to show the sketch to the nurse because again she would put up the questions and we would get confused about what to answer her? These all confusions were going in our mind, till then one woman saw the sketch of the old man in my hand, she came towards me and asked me why am I holding the sketch of an old man? Before answering her, I asked her the question that did you know him? Where he was now and in what condition? She said yes, I know him very well and he was admitted to this hospital in a very serious condition. I asked her to take me to him, she said “yes” come with me. While going with her I was very nervous. When we entered the room, the same images were in front of my eyes which I saw in my dream. It’s like a dream come true in reality, my eyes had been open for a while, I was shivering and heard him saying the same word “ my son, my son” which I heard in my dream. Then, suddenly one nurse came shouting and asked all of us to leave the room.

Outside the hospital, there was one small coffee shop, we all went there and talked. I asked her how did you come in touch with him. She said that she runs an old age home and oneday in the evening old man’s son left him and from that time he was very depressed, sad, talked less. Always had an expectation, when his son will come and take him back home. But his expectation was never fulfilled and his health was getting worsen day by day that she needs to admit him to the hospital.I asked her did you inform his son about his condition. She replied yes but his son refused to meet him. I simply asked her to give me the address of his son.Ratan and I went to the given address to convinced his son. I rang the doorbell and his son open the door, without wasting time in the introduction I directly told him about his father’s condition and makes him realized that he was doing wrong, he should come with me to meet him in the hospital as his father wish and take him back home. He was guilty and realized his mistake which forced him to come with me.

The moment his son meet his father, I saw a big smile on the old man’s face which bring a smile to each face. I and Ratanwent to our home. When I entered my room, I saw the face on the wall was smiling and I was very happy. The very next day I found the wall was clean, there were no cracks. From all this incident I came to know that God has chosen me for this work.

By: Neha Kumari

Neha Kumari

About Author
Neha Kumari is from the city of Jamshedpur, India. She has done basic education in Jamshedpur and took admission in M.Sc (Chemistry) in Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan. Now she is pursuing a PHD (Chemistry) at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi. She also holds an interest in creative works.


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