Include Vitamin D Sources in your meal


Vitamin D Capsule is available in the market these days to help you against vitamin D deficiency. But you can easily get it from the sun why to wait its deficiency to wake up. Due to lack of knowledge about vitamin D, many children around the world face rickets and other bone related issues.  Childhood is  a time when you are at your growing stage and you have to take care of all the nutrients and make a perfect balance of them in the body. It becomes difficult for children as they are not much aware of the nutrients. Parents role is important at that moment. And knowledge of nutrients is not everyone’s cup of tea that is why parenting is one of the most difficult tasks around.  Parents can give one vitamin D tablet everyday to their children but it is always better to introduce them with the natural sources of vitamin D with explanation. 

Natural Sources of Vitamin D

Before including a vitamin D capsule in your daily diet, you must try these natural sources of vitamin D.

  • Sunlight
  • Eggs, duck, and poultry products. 
  • Fish like mackerel, salmon, tuna, herring, cod, and sardines.
  • Meat especially red meat
  • Liver parts in meat
  • mushroom
  • Seeds of pumpkin, sunflower, and others. 
  • Fortified orange juice
  • Oatmeal
  • Cereal

Who Should Take Vitamin D 

Vitamin D and calcium can do many things together.  And your body feels rejuvenated. 

  • Dark skinned people face issues of not producing enough vitamin D as dark skin blocks sunlight and its benefits. So, most of them are in vitamin D deficiency. It is better to consume all these natural sources of vitamin D daily or they should include vitamin D capsule in their lifestyle. 
  • People who are living in cold places don’t have enough exposure to sunlight so they are also in deficiency of vitamin D. To avoid the deficiency of vitamin D, they must take a vitamin D tablet daily or consume all these natural sources of vitamin D. 
  • Babies who are breastfeeding need vitamin D. As they only take mother’s milk, they can’t  take vitamin D from other sources. They are completely relying on their mother for their vitamin D needs. So, a mother should take care of herselves for a healthy baby. She should have enough vitamin D.  For it she can rely on natural sources or supplements. It is better to rely on natural sources because tablets have some disadvantages which can be transferred to the baby while feeding. 
  • People with some health conditions like inflammatory bowel, obesity, and cystic fibrosis, must take the supplement or other sources as these can increase the side effects and the risk of vitamin D deficiency. With the consultation of a doctor, those people should take supplements or natural sources of vitamin D. 

Enjoy your overall health and wellness journey with these natural sources of vitamin D. Once your child is well versed with the knowledge of nutrients he or she can take care of his or her nutrients by him/ herself. Till then, parenting must be responsible. 


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