Women Dressing in Modern Society

source: counterjihadnews

There are various types of dresses that are worn by Muslim women these days, but the traditional dresses that is worn by them since time memorial are different from normal dresses. These days long coat style abaya designs are in trend among Muslim women all around the world. There are other traditional dresses that are worn by Muslim women as per their religion which are as follows


A face shroud worn by some Muslim ladies which could conceivably leave the eyes revealed.


This kind of shroud and body covering hides the majority of a lady’s body, including the eyes, which are secured with a work screen.

Salwar and kameez

Worn by the both male and female essentially in the Indian subcontinent, this is a couple of free pants that are worn with a long tunic.


A long robe worn by Muslim men. The best is typically custom fitted like a shirt, however it is lower leg length and free. The thobe is generally white however might be found in different hues, particularly in winter. The term may likewise be utilized to depict any kind of free dress worn by men or ladies.

Egal or ghutra

A square or rectangular headscarf is worn by men, alongside a rope band typically dark to attach it set up. The ghutra (headscarf) is generally white, or checkered red/white or dark/white. In a few nations, this is known as a shemagh or kuffiyeh.


A dressier men’s shroud that is once in a while worn over the thobe, frequently by high level state government or religious pioneers.


Al-amira is on a normal the generally utilized shroud by Muslim ladies around the globe. It is a two-piece cover which comprises of a top that fits firmly on the head and a tube-like free scarf worn over that. The top is typically made of cotton or polyester.


Shayla is a rectangular scarf or a type of hijab that is folded over the head and stuck at the shoulders leaving the face and a portion of the neck uncovered. It is well known in the Gulf nations. It is typically made of a light silk material.


Tudung is a dress which implies cover or cloak. It is a one-piece scarf worn as a shroud by ladies in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. It covers the hair, ears and neck, however the face. It likewise comprises of a roundabout board at the front which is embellished with different plans. It is worn as a clothing standard for office, schools and formal events. DIY rave clothing is yet another fashion statement which is growing too fast.



Prominent in the Gulf nations, abaya is a shroud worn by Muslim ladies when in broad daylight. It is a long and freely fitted piece of clothing which is worn over other attire. It is typically worn with a hijab or a niqab. An abaya as a rule has sleeves and is shut at the front with zips or catches. It is worn from the make a beeline for the toes or over the shoulders. It is typically made of manufactured fiber.





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