Have you ever come across strong intuition of something dangerous that’s going to happen soon? Or have your insights guided you to take right decisions though you were confused? Ever mesmerized by predictions said by prophets in ancient times or the prophecies of Nostra Damus? Ever heard of astral projections or out of body experiences? Ever became curious of supernatural beings and psychics who allegedly communicate with spirits?  you might surely come across people claiming about seeing auras and predicting the nature of people, too baffling right? Have you thought about enlightenment and spiritual awakening? Too baffling right? let me stop beating around the bush. The questions raised above are of sceptical matters and they all point to the most sensational enigma of all time, inscribed in every intelligent civilizations of the world- the third eye. This essay bestows the facts and some curious information to quench your thirst for mysteries.

What is Third Eye?

Third eye is said to be a spot-on forehead, between the eyebrows but little higher on the glabella. As it is apparent third eye is not a physical eye. It is  said to be subtle eye located almost one and half inches deep inside the glabella. The psychics claim third eye as the ‘seat of soul’ and  ‘centre of willpower’. According to them one should open his/her third eye in order to acquire psychic powers and to attain higher knowledge. Third eye is said to be the part of the ‘subtle body’ through which one can experience the subtle entities. Psychic and yogic methods are there to open the third eye. Usually it includes meditating on the centre spot. Spiritually, third eye paves the way to witness the divine glory which ordinary eyes cannot .Many people all around the world claimed to have opened the third eye but scientifically it is still a matter or discussion. Nothing is proved in science . Sceptics believe it to be just a myth or a curious esoteric topic that draw attention of people.

What Science Says?

Science is never content with mere facts ,it always explores for flawless answers for every questions. The subjects which science is sceptic about are  entitled as ‘pseudoscience’. But the theory of mystical eye cannot be taken completely as pseudoscience or proven science.

According to modern scientist , there is an endocrine  gland that is present in vertebrates. It is located on the midline of the brain and resembles the shape of pine . You can see pine structures in many ancient civilizations and it was believed to be sacred. The gland is too small just as pea in humans ,in other vertebrates the size may vary . The interesting fact is that pineal gland is the only structure in brain that is unpaired. It secretes melatonin, hormone that is responsible for circadian rhythm or sleep wake cycle. Melatonin is secreted only in darkness and it is inhibited when the body is exposed to light. Since it have a relationship with light and darkness it is regarded as the third eye according to the scientists. It plays vital role in reproduction and also other biological process. There is another speculation regarding the pineal gland that it secretes DMT(N,N dimethyltryptamine) a psychedelic drug ,usually present in animals and plants. Scientist have neither accepted or denied the fact of DMT secretions. DMT is highly addictive drug and it is illegal in several countries. Let see what is the relationship between DMT and the pineal gland (third eye)

DMT- The Mysterious Molecule:

DMT is a psychedelic drug used in little amounts in medicines for treating depression and addiction. But its mysterious effects were contemplated when an American clinical associate professor Richard Strassman  initiated studies on this molecule. He found that various religious cult used this molecule in one or other way to experience mystical or spiritual experience. He also claimed that this molecule is produced in the body in very little amounts. Science couldn’t say why it is produced in the body?. Strassman also  claimed that it is produced by the pineal gland in large amounts during dream or near death experience. On his experiment, with people nearing death and reviving back to life claimed to experience bright light, voices,  images of heaven or some mysterious figures , out of body experiences or astral projections. There is no scientifically proven explanations for these experience. Hence DMT and third eye becomes more mysterious in this modern era. Richard Strassman points this molecule as the ‘spirit molecule’ because of its power to give spiritual and soul awakening experiences.

Mathematical Wonder:

     Pine cones carry sacred geometry with them, they are one of the natural wonder exhibiting Fibonacci series. Hence, it is proven that it have the golden ratio or divine proportion. 

Ancient Civilizations and Third Eye:

Third eye is not the concept of modern world or the idea originated before hundreds of years, it a mind blowing theory presented in every intelligent civilizations several millennia ago . It is the centre of enlightenment and wisdom in many religions. It was considered as the door way to understand spirituality in olden days. 

Lets see the importance of third eye in various civilization,

  1. The Sumerian culture:

Archaeological  studies reveal that Sumerians worshipped   deities who had pinecones extended in their hands and believed to do access the pineal gland , they are called as Annunakhi.  For your kind information pineal gland is also pinecone shaped!

  1. 2.The Egyptian civilization:

Egyptians hieroglyphs of  ‘ the eye of Horus’ or ‘the eye of Ra’ was one of the depiction of third eye in history. They resembles the location of pineal gland in brain when viewed from lateral side. This is usually drawn on forehead and sarcophagi of pharaoh. We can also see snakes emerging from their foreheads, which represent the spinal cord . This symbolizes that the divine energy is coiled and crawled up on the  life of tree (the divine third eye).

  1. 3. Indian culture:

Indian culture have depicted every God with  third eye. You can also see serpents crawling over the wrapped dreaded hair of deity Lord Shiva which resembles the pinecone structure. Different civilization of India and other Vedic scripts proclaim the existence of beings with third eye.

   In 2004, An excavation held at Adichanallur, a small town in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu had found some mind blogging skulls and skeletons preserved in earthenware urns, the skulls were found to be  dating back 3000- 3800 years back. One of the skulls is found to be thicker than usual and had a prominent hole at the centre of forehead, anyway bullets were not invented during that era, hence this skull left everybody speechless. Unfortunately the excavation was stopped for some reasons and   several hidden entities are still buried waiting for their revelation.

  1. 4.The Greek and Roman civilization: 

In Greek mythology Dionysus, is said to carry thyrsus, which is staff made of fennel decorated with ivy leaves and topped by a pinecone. In reverence to the third eye, Romans built a 3 storey large bronze sculpture in shape of pinecone named as “pinga”, it served as large water fountain that stood  on top of the pantheon.

Third Eye and Religions:

  1. 1. Hinduism and yogic science:

                    In Hinduism, serpents crawling over the.  wrapped dreaded hair of deity Lord Shiva resembles the pinecone structure . He is known for using his third eye to destruct asuras and evil spirits. Ancient scripts says lot about  Kundalini yoga, where two serpents intertwine to reach the  ajna (agya) chakra. This chakra is known to be the source of conscious and the serpents represents the solar and lunar side of us. Hindus believed that a person can attain enlightenment when serpent power reaches the centre of eyebrows.

  1. 2. Buddhism and the divine eye:

One can see a  prominent dot appearing between the eye brows statues of Buddha’s in various stupas and temples, though there are no signs of third eye in Buddhism there something equivalent to that called as Jnana chaksu or “wisdom eye” through which one can attain pure knowledge and wisdom.

  1. 3. Christianity :

In several verses in bible have said about third eye metaphorically or in other way,  especially in chapters of Genesis, Matthew and Hosea. They clearly depict the relationship of pinecones and pineal gland. The interesting fact is that you can see three crown stacked up on one another  resembling the structure of pinecone on the flag of Vatican. The Pope is seen to carry sacred staff topped with pinecone structure.

  1. Islam and the divine eye:

Islam scriptures consider third eye  as one of the “spiritual organs” and it is called as kafi. It is associated with divine secrets and a fountain of compassion. The scripture encompassing these facts is known as  al-Lataif al-sitta.

Techniques to Open Third Eye:

Yogic science have proposed many techniques to open agya chakra from the Vedic period. Applying sandal wood thilak on forehead was one the most prominent one. Meditating on  tip of fire is also a tantra in yogic science. Hinduism believed that only through deep phases of meditation one could acquire higher conscious which involves the opening of the divine eye, it also associated with enlightenment. The insights and intuition can be sharpened by these techniques. Tibetans succeeded in opening the third eye through surgical methods, but they were considered useless because a third eye opened without any mind conditioning methods is worth of none, its believed that one who achieved the opening of third eye through surgical techniques can use its ultimate power in unethical way. So ones mind conditioning and the conscious of his/her inner self is most important.

Legends and the Eye of Knowledge:

So far we had seen the mystical powers of third eye, lets see about two legends who used it in one or other way. We all know about great Indian mathematician who shook this world with his fantabulous mathematical skills Srinivasa Ramanujam. He failed every subjects in his schools except mathematics. His mind-blowing mathematical intelligence drew the attention of  eminent mathematician all over the world ,there is no wonder that G.H.Hardy felt as a child before Ramanujam’s talent. Whenever a math problem was given to him, something happens to his eye balls, they focus at the centre point of his forehead. Like some kind of door is open to him, from where he received this knowledge. Neither Ramanujam understood this strange phenomenon nor the western mathematicians. 

     Another incident is about Edgar Cayce, he was well-known for his clairvoyance. An incident happened in his life which was very hard to be believed, it  was as mind blowing than any other miracle, Lets see what was that incident. Cayce fell sick  because of some cause which nobody knew and lost his consciousness, Doctor who treated him lost their faith they stated that within 6 hours he should be given the correct medicine or else he will become mad or he may leave this world behind, he was unconscious for almost 3 days and unbelievably on the evening of third day he started to speak and stated certain medications to the doctor, he also revealed that he lost his consciousness because of falling from a tree , he said that, his spine was injured and also spoke out about his death ,in case the medicine was not given to him. The doctors were astonished, they couldn’t believe their eyes, because Cayce was still in coma, his body was unconscious still he spoke, the medicines were administered into his body and he was recovered. The more mind blowing fact is that, Edgar couldn’t remembered the single word he spoke . Too surprising right ? there are many legends in every field who had used this power for the welfare of the world and there are also mysterious people who practise this occult for trivial matters.

We cannot conclude it as mere mystery, actually it’s a known mystery, we knew it from ages but never tried it to understand ,we should never forget that it a part of our faith also. Once a wise man said, “Humans cannot believe certain matters which they couldn’t understand, may be because of his ignorance or because of lack of spiritual light ”and that’s true in case of mysticism and occultism. Everything cannot be proven through science, certain things should be understood through the inner knowledge. In case of third eye its true, neither we could accept it nor we could deny it , there is something between our eye brows which was known better by our ancestors but buried deep inside that we couldn’t understand about it totally. Its really an enigma and it is also powerful and full of life, or else why should every religion and every tradition of this world should portray this in their scriptures, statues and in their culture. May be the answers for the secrets of this divine eye is hidden within itself. The transcendental world or the divine gateway, whatever the third eye shows, they have some thing to say to this world. Whatever the third eye is a mystery or pseudoscience, it had thought us one thing, we have greater potential in our self then we think we have.




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