MYSTERY: A Reality to Explain, Not to Solve

“No object is mysterious .The mystery is your eye.”

—-Elizabeth Bowen

A well known British-Irish novelist, Elizabeth Bowen put her way of art of explaining mystery so definitely that at one point she makes us believe that mystery attracts our eyes to speak but never express the reality .The word mystery itself is a confusing topic that is raised by Elizabeth Bowen and together with many authors, astronauts, scientists and philosophers. Everyone tried to reach at their end level of observation but no one succeeded. They couldn’t figure out why there was a great dilemma in solving a mystery. But, what a mystery actually is? Is it a puzzle? Is it an illusion? Is there any kind of theory of hypnotism? Or such kind of myth we necessitate for. Well, a normal person may undoubtedly explain us briefly that something which is difficult or impossible to understand or something strange, not known, has not yet been explained is called mystery. But none can go deeper and explain us the reality of “MYSTERY”. At times, all of us feel our life to be a mystery. The world itself is a mystery that thrills and captures attention of all men regarding nature and its creation which is beyond their imagination. The key features to sum up a mystery are condition, secret, desire and success. Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire, whereas, success is known to be rare, it might be a feeling of hopelessness or might be a feeling of satisfaction. Human brain is limited to 100 billion neurons. Due to what they are made of a finite amount of matter as infinite would be impossible, even to perceive the whole perceptible universe. For example people say universe is infinite but that’s an illusion which is created in our brain cells. Everything has an end; either it is a layer of an object, or the sea or the vastness of universe. But that’s a mystery when we say that if the universe is limited then what is next to it? Well the form can be a multiversity but if it is false then it has to be finite. The religious thinkers say that what we see through eyes is superficial. While on the contrary, in literature, drama, and film, a mystery is a story that centres round a crime, usually murder, which finally gets solved at the very end.


Numerous of mysterious places like Jatinga, Kodini –the village of twins, Magnetic hill in Ladakh, Easter Island Chille,  Nazka Lines in Peru will surely shake minds of many to think if there is one more additional life to live for then it will be possible to solve not every but bring a conclusion to one unsolved story. If, the human brain is fitted with a microchip where unlimited amount of data is progressed and stored, just like a Google, then assuredly humans will be the epitome of power and will rule the universe. The most curious topic in day to day life related to mystery that tempt the minds of teenagers, ordinary people, and extraordinary people or all over is time travel. We see many comic books where time travel play a fictitious role and assumed to be based on virtual but not reality. Thus even there are many solid proofs about time travel but still there are many conflicts and contradictions regarding it. Hence there is no any perfect explanation or solution to agree with one definite answer for everybody. Still time travel will remain an enchanting topic as it is a perfect mystery that one day will obviously change the history of whole world. Time travel and parallel universe have an intermingle relationship with each other. Time travel have paradoxes surely but without paradox it can be possible with different dimensions of universe. Parallel universe is nothing but alternate universes or different worlds. Parallel universe or parallel dimension is one of the basic theories of multiversity (multiple universes). Multiversity theory is based on string theory and dimensional theory that are arranged with 10 to 11 dimensional layers and extra six to seven layer with very small scale to form a 3d dimension.  In 2012, there are at least five theories that came out with quite a bit of evidence about the multiversity.

a) Infinite universe: Scientists who believe that if there are hidden universes in layers then it can attain a flat shape rather than a donut or spherical shape. But Einstein explained it to be a curvature of space and time. The different universes may initiate from big bang theory onwards when atoms and matter accumulated to place many cosmic theories. There will be repetition of space time if it goes on simultaneously because particles that arrange the space time are with finite number.

b) Bubble universes: The universes where the space time is extensively stretched in a way so that many external dimensions can form many different layers and introduce other new universes. It is called inflation that makes it a size of a bubble. After the great explosion of big bang theory, many universes expanded and as a result it created the effect of bubble. Alexander Vilenkin a cosmologist from Tufts University introduces eternal inflation.  

c) Mathematical universes: Mathematics is something that can deal with possible difficulties with explaining universes by representing structure of the universes. With the help of structure our universe was made so as we can believe that there can even be a structure of another parallel universe same as like us or different.

d) Daughter universes: The universes are based on the theory of quantum mechanics. Here the multiple universes are made up of many sub atomic particles. There might be possibilities of two similar daughter universes. For example: if we are tossing a coin we will get either head or tail but the probability shows that both are same but their reality is different. Similarly there might be similar copies existing like us in other dimensions. The reality that we accept may not be the truth but may be a magical world we are living for.

e) Parallel universes:  Paul Steinhardt and Neil Turok from Princeton University proposed the theory of parallel universe. Scientists believe that there are many dimensions same as like our world at present. Numerous thin slabs may float in a way of 3 d dimensional layers.

Ancient Greek atomism stated that the infinite dimensions are the collision of atoms. Indisputably there is subsistence of multi universes. In fact it reflects such stories that ultimately give goose bumps and effectively prove the multiverse to be true. There might be a smaller range of possible universe that can exist independently and would continue to exist even if there were no humans.  Not everyone agrees with the parallel universe theory and yet the topic of the multiverse remains a mystery. Many raised the topic to be based on philosophy rather than scientific. As many observations were made but there was no appropriate answer found and hence the topic was not considered as a legitimate one. But if a theory provides back to back clues and possibilities than no observations in a scientific way can rule.

What is Time Travel:

The possibility of proving with the concept of time will absolutely be wrong if many are with the ancient theory that describes, “Time goes on, and can never be repeated”. It determines some present day scenario, for example, the standard clock time of different countries. 

               USA<> INDIA<>AUSTRALIA   (5:45AM) (3:15PM) (7:25PM)

                 PAST <>   PRESENT<> FUTURE

This kind of instances make people believe the existence of past, present and future to be on the same plane. The theory of time travel was introduced by Einstein based on his theory of relativity.  The movement from present to future is possible but physically travelling from present to past is difficult. But eventually there are theoretical experiments with the help of relativity and cosmic strings that permits backward possibilities. The space time structures with the theory of relativity allow travelling faster than light. But it is against of nature as the theory of relativity is applicable for particles with zero rest mass that can travel at the speed of light .News articles and circulating reports on internet raised the topic several times. Travel reports of a modern hipster to 1876s lost man giving a hint to all sources the presence of time dilation and time travel existence. There were lots of positive comments and with that there were lots of negation .the reports proved to be with incomplete information and interrupting with fiction. Many mentioned it to be for publicity or gaining TRP. Some discredited and showcase the information to be myth and at last they termed it as urban legends. The following cases are:

  • Hipster in 1941 bridge opening ceremony: It was claimed about the mystery man’s clothing and sunglasses which was not of the present day or 1940s.
  • Women with a phone in Chaplin’s film: A women with a black coat and a round hat was walking by the streets. When she was noticed carefully then she was talking by a thin black phone. At that time there was radio and telephone but not a thin small cell phone. But many called it to be hearing aid as it was introduced in1920s.
  • Rudolf Fentz: A men wearing 19th century cloth was hit by a car that subsequently revealed the men to get disappeared without any detection in 1876.
  • Noah, a professional time traveller: He says that he belongs from 2030 and he got stuck in 2019. He even showed a proof where a device was fitted in his hand that helps him to travel time periods. It was detected in x ray report. Before going back to past he had implanted this chip. In 2017 he was discharged from a job. So, to correct his past he was back but got stuck in 2019.
  • John Titor: He introduced himself as an American military time traveller from 2036. Numerous predictions were made by him in 2001 that there would be a nuclear war in 2004 and world war 3 in 2015 but all came out to be false. 

Nikola Tesla was a well known electrical engineer and an inventor as he invented modern electrical supply systems and designed the modern alternating current. Popularly he was known as a futurist as he predicted some brilliant future theories that came out true in 21st century. He stated that wireless devices would completely make a huge number of genius brains that would be easily reachable throughout the world. Everything would be based on wireless technology right from communication, storing data, dealing with the problems of heat etc. Soon in 1990s wifi was invented. There led many future prophecy by him like self driving cars, remote contol machines and need not require help of humans. Many proclaimed him to be a genius who was a time traveller and got stuck in 19th century. But he never accepted to be traveller from his future, so we can’t accept this rumours. Only he explained that he could see the past, present and future together. Tesla went through lot of struggles but never received financial success. Now the machines that we use were patented by him which includes 300 inventions.

Passenger of Taured: In July 1954, a smartly dressed man arrived at Haneda, Tokyo, Japan by flight. When he was questioned by the custom officers, he said that he was from Taured. The mystery man claimed that it was the third time he was visiting Japan from his country. But, to the surprise of the officers, they couldn’t find any country named Taured. The passport which was shown to the officers was even issued by Taured. A map was given to him and was asked to point out where his country was. He immediately pointed to the area which was called Andorra, border of France and Spain. The man said that his country has been in existence for 1000 years and was puzzled to find why this was called Andorra on the map. The man had currencies of different countries and showed the details of the place where he had worked and the hotel where he stayed. Officials found out that the company existed in Tokyo. The hotel that he had mentioned did really exist but there were no such bookings made. The officers thought him to be criminal and took him in custody for further interrogation. He was under supervision of two guards in a hotel room. But surprisingly the man and his belongings got disappeared in the early morning. There was only one entry and exit point in the room of the hotel. This blew off every people’s mind. As a result they concluded that the mystery person was from Taured existed in another universe indeed. Due to parallel dimension he landed in Haneda. Many explained it to be the case of time travel.

Rip Van Winkle, The Time Machine, Dooms day, Time Bound and many more books that were published was based on time travel which ultimately flourishes the minds of people. These books dealt with excellent stories full of adventure, mystery, horror and mainly fiction.

According to the theory of relativity by Einstein, gravitation is a curvature of space and time that allows travelling in future. But Stephen Hawking’s was in dilemma between the time travel and negation. Eventually he agreed about the parallel universe theory but then he stated that if the space time was curved so strongly then time jump may happen. Time paradox created a big contradiction with the case of time travel. Past is the cause of future event. Both of them take place on account of space time theory of Einstein. Time paradox does not allow time travel in the past. This is because a time traveller could travel back to the past but it is impossible for him to change the past history and kill his younger self. But the assumption of time travelling to the future is possible as it has not yet taken place. Time travel is yet possible through our sub conscious mind. An illusion called déjà vu make us feel the experience of oddity that we are familiar with the situation already but actually come across for the first time. This mainly happens due to timeline shift or we can say it a glimpse of time travelling without paradox with parallel universe. Thus, it provides us with a lot of information about future and even rectifies our past deeds and decisions so that we do not repeat it. If we find out the over arching ultimate truth of existence tomorrow, half of the world would not believe it when the other half would accept it and as a whole the matter will be in a status-quo. And if somehow the whole world does agree upon one truth then the truth should assemble into a stable self that can be integrated without obvious joins to our perception.

By Sukanya Bhattacharyya, Barpeta Road



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