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Among the various mysteries of this world, success is also one. Achieving success becomes more of a mystery especially for whom success eludes him/her most of the time. Thus, more the failure in one’s life, the more the yearning for success and consequently more the mystery or in other words elusive thing does success becomes. Moreover, the approach towards success varies from individual to individual. This too makes it a mystery. As, varied are the human mind so are varied the outlook towards “what really success is?” and how does it matter in one’s life. The various approaches and outlooks towards success makes it more of a mystery in one’s life as one sees varied ways to success but still, success eludes most of them. As divergent are the paths towards success the more of a mystery does it become.

Here is an introspection and analysis of five aspects regarding success which makes it a mystery: – 

  • Luck- the spoil-sport factor in achieving success

                                     Many a times, we observe how diligent or hardworking thus a person be, in one’s life but in case of some people sometimes luck too play a spoil-sport in the path of achieving success. Thus, for such people luck becomes the spoil-sport factor in life. It is moreover observed that for few people, it is most of the time, that is the luck factor comes in the way of success. This phenomenon is most of the time is termed as ‘choker’ in sports. In the game of international cricket, the Cricket teams, South Africa and New Zealand are mostly the victim of the choker phenomenon. As these two teams have most of the time lost the Semi-finals and Finals respectively of the ICC Cricket World Cup and has thus never been Champions in it. As a result, winning the ICC Cricket World Cup has remained a ‘mystery’ for them and in this regard, luck is the factor mostly which has played spoil-sport in this regard. 

  • The holding of nerve factor and success

                                   Success remains a so-called ‘stigma’ for those who cannot hold their nerves while they are on the way of achieving it. Most of the time, it is seen that many people, especially, pupils and students cannot hold their nerves in their way of achieving success. Thus, success eludes them, when they are at the very verge of achieving it. I believe, a little bit of more concentration and self-belief, in this regard, can certainly break the shackles of nervousness and the resultant failure. Thus, in this way, success instead of being elusive for them will rather become overwhelming for them. Therefore, from the point of view of nerve factor and its role in success it may be said that, the horizons of success do not only encompass the outer environment of the achiever but also, it encompasses his/her inner-self. In this regard, how to maintain a balance between his/her outer environment and his/her inner-self remains a mystery most of the time for him/her. 

  • Role of consistency and hard work visa-vis success

                                           The shackles of the mystery associated with success can certainly be broken by making consistent hard work. However, most of the time, we find there are many people who are hard working but does not maintain consistency in this regard and vice-versa. Consistency does not imply at the same time only as far as pupils and students are concerned cramming and just to pass it out in the examination. Then, there may be success but it will have a myopic effect for that particular pupil/ student. As, in the long run, by only cramming everything it will only erase out of his mind gradually, with the passage of time, and, thereby making his/her success to be myopic. Similarly, to be hardworking is good for an individual but at the same time his/her hardworking nature must be coupled with consistency. For e.g. – working 16 hours of a day in a week and spending lavishly the other days of the week is not certainly hard work for him/her. Thus, for most of us, how to mix up hard work with consistency remains a mystery for him/her in his/her life and thereby having its impact on success in his/her life.

  • Family compulsions and its effect on success 

                                          In the specific scenario of our country, India family compulsions too have a role to play in case of many individuals to make success a mystery in their life. Man is a social animal. At the same time, family is a miniature society. We cannot/ should not run away from our family members including our parents while being in search of success. If we do so, the very concept of home, sweet home will be a misnomer. At the same time, it is one’s natural instinct to yearn for success. Family and its associated compulsions are inevitable in one’s life so does the desire for success. Thus, the balancing wheel for maintaining the equations between family, family compulsions and at the same time achieving success remains a mystery for them. In this regard, it would not be wrong to state that, one may lose his/her cool in the way of achieving success and, at the same time maintaining family obligations. Thus, for him/her success is not only a mystery but also sometimes he/she feels it like to be like a chameleon who changes its colour with the passage of time.

  • Success and the almighty

                                         In a nutshell, it can be said that, when one finds all the avenues of life closed then he/she turns to the almighty in search of success. In this regard, as uncertain the path of success is, so is as uncertain, it would not be wrong to conclude that, only thinking about god’s blessings and thus desiring for success may certainly turn out to be at the same time, a mystery for him/her. However, as true is the fact that, when we see failure all around then, the only respite for us is god. This can be considered as a human tendency. But, at the same time, how much support do we get from the almighty in one’s life has remained a mystery in his/her life. This divine element and its role in achieving success has remained a mystery for the mankind since time immemorial. Thus, it is a common saying especially for we, Indians that when we are uncertain about the happening or non-happening of a thing or a goal that we want to achieve we are habituated to say “only god knows”. This fact again proves the role of the almighty in achieving success and it is a pointer also towards the fact of the mysterious role of the almighty in this regard. 

All in all, it would not be wrong to comment that, success and rather achieving success is an all-encompassing phenomenon. The ways to success are varied, as varied are the means of achieving it. These varied ways and means of achieving success certainly make it, that is, achieving success a mystery for the world being. At the same time, if anyone achieves success, it must engulf from one’s individualistic level to that of the whole society. This is solely because ‘man is a social animal’. When one’s success and its fruits will engulf one and all of the society it will have a trickle-down effect on the society as far as the success of the achiever is concerned. Therefore, I think the mystery ‘success’ and its achievement would remain futile if it does not have a trickle-down effect on the society and thereby engulfing one and all in the process. In this way, the so-called mystery named ‘success’ will thus be enjoyed by one and all of the society and thus it would have a herculean effect on the society as a whole with the passage of time.  



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