What are the must-have tools to work with a Virtual Assistant?


Do you want to take up a virtual assistant job? Then, you must have all the necessary tools to work smoothly without any obstacles. You cannot complain to the business owner of not having specific tools with you after joining the Virtual assistant jobs. Before applying for the virtual assistant jobs, ensure that you have the right set of tools to work. The virtual assistant performs many tasks, and each task would require a different set of tools. These tools help you to be productive with the time. The tools are available at a lower price, and few are available for free. These tools help you do the job with ease.

With many tools, it is often confusing for the virtual assistant to choose the right one. However, if you want to start with the outsourced work, you must have these tools for sure:


Gmail is the highly preferred emailing service compared to the other ones. The business owner would be sending you the task in an email, and after completing the work, you can attach the document and reply to the same email. Gmail will let you compose the emails in separate windows so that you can see while writing. The best thing is that you can compose multiple email messages at the same time. Another best thing about Gmail is that you can have the thread of emails and keep the emails organized.

The spam filtering system of this email service is efficient. It won’t let the spam and your work email to get mixed up. If you mark the email as spam, this would remember and push all the emails you get from the same email ID next time to spam. More importantly, it is integrated with Google Drive, calendar, YouTube, and other tools. The navigation bar on Gmail would let you keep switching between the tasks. It is easier for you to have this app on the mobile or direct access from the web browser. You can create an account and share this with the business owner. They start to share the work with this email ID every day.


It is a must-have tool, especially if you are working as a virtual assistant. You can have discussions, calls, and meetings through Skype. It is the best medium to communicate with clients uninterruptedly. The best features that are offered by this tool are screen sharing options. If you have any double while doing the virtual assistant task, you can contact the colleagues sitting in the other location or your boss to clarify those doubts. It makes you feel like you are sitting in the office and working. You can ask the client or team member to share the screen or share the screen to show the work. Another best thing is that you can record the meetings, carry out audio calls, and do video calls. You can also set up conference calls.


It is a must to be used by the virtual assistants. If they have to share the file that is bulk in size, they can use this cloud storage service. There is no limit on the file size you upload. You can keep the backup of your files in the DropBox. You can edit the files loaded on the DropBox even offline, and the changes get reflected when you are online. You can click here to use this tool.


PayPal is an essential tool for the virtual assistant. The business owners would make payment to the PayPal account. It is a widely used online payment service. It supports multiple currencies and lets you receive the payments from the business owner sitting in the other country. It is essential for people who are working with clients globally.


The virtual assistants must use calendars that allow them to manage the events and appointments. There are different calendar apps you can find online. However, the widely used one is the Google Calendar.


This is another must-have tool by the virtual assistants. It is a password management program that enables you to share the passwords and login credentials with ease with the workers who are working virtually. It reduces security threats. Different ways can be used to communicate passwords. You can give them the password which they can see and use it. If you share the password, they cannot view the password, but they would be able to view it. This is best for you to share sensitive information. It is 100% secure and easier to be used by the virtual assistants.

World Time Buddy

If you are working as a virtual assistant, you would be working remotely. You must keep a close watch on different time zones of the clients. There is where the role of World Time Buddy comes into the picture. It acts as a world clock and lets you plan meetings and conference calls.


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