What are the Best Alternatives to Putlocker

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Entertainment has been switching over slowly to the OTT platforms from theatres and movie halls; the last year 2020 has paced the transition quicker and paved the path of online entertainment quite firmly. Day by day, everyone is becoming busier and hence searching for entertainment within the fringe of their ticket schedules or in their drawing room on their sofa.

One particular site has been ruling the desktop to laptop screens of movie buffs for a long time- Putlocker. However, there have been restrictions put on by the legal and anti-piracy ministry for consumer safety and hence, there has been a ban on the free entertainment site Putlocker and more like the same. Does that stop people from being entertained from within their home, in a relaxed way?

Of course not; there are paid legally authorized sites registering and paying subscriptions to which can make the entertainment process smooth and unlimited. The question is- why would people bear the extra charges when they can enjoy the same quality entertainment for free! Here is a list of the 9 best alternatives to Putlocker to carry on with the free entertainment.

  1. 123 Movies: 123 Movies, the name itself suggests it is the ‘go to’ platform of movie-worms. The name is a little less informative as the site caters to every genre of entertainment equally. The interface of the site is very easily accessible. There are huge reservoirs of entertainment program lists from which people can find anything to feed them. It is a free site; hence no registration or subscription is required to be entertained for a while. The contents are alphabetically arranged along with the statistics of several views added to the rows to help the consumers choose the best popular contents. Also, there are fewer ads to distract the users. There is one small issue with this site- it has a slower search function. However, the other features and extraordinary benefits outshine this downside of this popular site.
  2. SolarMovie- SolarMovie might not be a very popular site yet, but people are discovering this gem thoroughly. The best option to drawing attention to the site and the viewers is its easy navigating interface. The home page and the fastest search service are making it popular with all users. For movies, TV shows, animes, games- everything is possible to find here. There is no compulsion of registration, yet registration to the site gives the power to the user to request contents they want to watch. The results of the search come in a list of different files of the same content according to the size, seeders, leechers, liked by the users, and more such statistics. It helps the user choose their contents easily. Besides, live streaming of shows is also available here. There is one significant shortcoming of this site- it has a comparatively shorter catalog.
  3. Los Movies- For international entertainment lovers, this site is heaven to search for. Los Movies has a huge reservoir of original content from abroad in their original language. Also, to make the understanding easier for the viewers, there are subtitles for all foreign content. Here one can precise the searches as well by mentioning release date, IMBD ratings, and more along with the name of the contents. Los Movies has one huge drawback- it comes with a lot of pop-ups. One small suggestion: as this site deals with mainly foreign content; before searching on this site, it is better to download and connect to a VPN with an ad-blocker. NordVPN is a recommended ad-blocker to use with this site.
  4. F-Movies- Another site in this list that gives as the satisfactory experience of online entertainment as Putlocker itself. This site has an enormous database of contents of different categories and different genres. The interface is very easy to navigate for the new users as well. One can search in the functional search bar with the name of their content; to make it precise; all the contents are divided into categories according to genres. If the viewer wishes to watch nothing specific but of a specific genre, the search becomes easier. Hence, the search function is recommendable for this site. One small hitch is there- one can face some irritating ads, but the good part is even if they cannot be easily skipped; they are not very frequent either. Also, the site is completely free to access for everyone.
  5. YesMovies- Yes Movie is a unique place to find for people who are content analysts. At this particular site, many documentaries are available that are impossible to find on any other free streaming site. The interface is the homepage with minimalistic service options like just a search bar and categories option. Such minimal operations to navigate help the user to have a clear understanding of the site access. The sorting of the contents is also decent and disciplined. One limitation of this site is it does not have the largest entertainment content list catalog amongst the other sites on the list.
  6. AZMovies- Just as the name suggests, this free access to entertainment site is the A to Z of all movies. The most advantage of using this site, which can be termed as a disadvantage as well; that is here one can find many mirror files of the same content. If there is a file that contains a dead link; there is a chance the immediate next link the user clicks is a full functioning active link. Perks of using this site are one can search for the files very quickly here; even HD contents also stream here with the least buffering. It has a partner site called NOXX which is the leading free site for renowned national and international TV shows. However, there is something to complain about too; firstly, the homepage is so congested with so many options that the user might take some time to find out the search section. Also, clicking on most of the files leads to unexpected and disgusting pop-up sites as well.
  7. GoMovies- GoMovies is a very renowned site when it comes to distraction-free online entertainment experiences. The best part of this site is it has two separate interfaces; the default home page is a better one as it is cleaner with a very well patterned search function. One can also switch to the old home page layout as well as there is no registration required to access this site. The interface and the options make the user use other options to search for their contents as well (like IMBD ratings, likes, and more). This site has an exclusive night mode; when the user switches to that mode, the interface gets darker in color and the design just becomes perfect for late-night movie dates.
  8. MoviesJoy- With an easily accessible interface, lesser ads, and pop-ups, MoviesJoy is a great site to surf for online entertainment, as per the users. This site has a huge reservoir of US entertainment content- movies and TV shows. This site is very frequently updated and users can find on this site the latest released contents for free and in very good quality. It is also compatible with handsets as well, like mobiles.
  9. Popcornflix- For the perfect movie-freaks, this is the best site to hop in. It is designed on a mobile-optimized surface; hence it is the best way to surf for movies in Android as well as iPhones. As there are different genres of movies available here, one can always find something to watch and enjoy here. Some of the antique classics are also available here. The only limitation to this site is it is only a movie site; no web series or TV shows are available here.

Entertainment has got a new definition due to the evolution of the internet. Above are the best alternatives to the Putlocker website to enjoy free entertainment. A little advisory to add on- while one is surfing these free illegal sites for searching for free entertainment, it is best to connect it to certain VPNs along with an ad-blocker to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.          


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