Ways to Find Happiness

By Charulatha M


“Think of all the beauty left around and be happy”

-Anne Frank

Many people in the world are not happy. They feel they have not got something in life that might have made them happy. Some need a rich life to be happy, others need a luxury car, a big house, lots of jewels or a large varities of food to be happy.

Even the richest person in the world feel that something is missing in his\her life to be happy. We watch movies, go for vacations, lead a secure and comfortable life where all the necessities of life are fulfilled. But, we complain for the tiniest problems we face. This makes us fragile and this tenderness turns out to be our weakness and the reason for us to complain. 

Nowadays, we all are so busy that we forgot to laugh. And staying at home during this pandemic, causes kerfuffle between us. 

The true happiness lies in ourself. Do what you like, spend time with your family, learn to be compassionate, and learn to be content with what you have, you will be the happiest person in the whole world.

“Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness”

Frank Tyger

Yes, Indeed. More than anything that can make you happy is doing what you love which most of the people miss out.

There was once a boy who wished he could become a painter one day. He won many awards in his school days. But, when his father passed away, all the responsibilities was on his shoulders.

He and his family shifted to a small hut where he and his family did odd jobs to survive. But, he never failed to paint. He painted more and more and sometimes, he had sleepless nights and one day he grew to be a famous painter and lead a good livinf for rest of his life.

This short stor teaches that even in the most dire circumstances, when you do what you love to, it makes you happy and even takes to great heights.

Not only doing what you like, but spending time with your life, sharing your thoughts and spend quality time with them can make them and yourself happy.

“Happiness is spending time with people you love and creating memories that last for a lifetime”

Money can buy anything in the world, but it cannot buy your happy memories and the precious time we spend with our family.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of the moment until it becomes a memory”

Theodor Seuss Geisel

So, just try to spent the time time given to you or else, you may want a memory that you may not possess.

Another main thing is to adjust in which situation you are in. Be happy with what you have and do noy get envious on what other possess.

There was a milkman who owned ten cows and supplied milk to his whole town. He was the only milkman of the town and so his milk was on huge demand and sometimes, many people have to go empty -handed.

One day, his wife suggested to buy two more cows to supress the growing demand. But, soon a greedy thought hit his mind. He added water to the milk and begun selling it. At first, people did not notice the change in the milk but soon stopped buying the milk as there was the presence of water more than that of the milk.

Soon, other milkmen took this situation as an advantage and started selling their milk at low prices and people started buying milk from them.

After a few months, the milkman had to sell his cows and he became so poor and debted, he had leave the town forever.

This story teaches us to be content with what we have. 

“Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won’t have to hunt for happiness”

William E. Gladstone

Also, you need a lot of patience, and if all these are within you, not even a spoonful of darkness will disturb you.

But, above these elements of happiness, if one needed to be happy from his soul can happen only if he is generous. When you do a small deed, it really makes your heart happy and who knows, this deed can return back to you when you really need it.

“I see the god in the smiles of the poor”

Mahatma Gandhi

A poor boy who was very hungry knocked a door of a house where a girl opened the door. He asked for a glass of water , the girl saw the poor boy’s condition and felt sorry for him and offered him a glass of milk. The               boy drank the milk and gave a big smile before he left.

The girl, after many years, who was an old lady had to get admitted in a hospital for an immediate surgery. Thankfully, the surgery was success but she hd no money to pay the hospital bill.

She was shocked when she came to know that her bill was paid and a letter was left on a table which read; “This bill is paid for the glass of milk”.

So, she realised that it was the same boy who grew up to be a doctor and had repaid the kindness for the glass of milk he had provided years ago.

So, the world’s best happiness can be found in the faces of the people we help. Their smile is the biggest happiness or reward you can ever get.

By Charulatha M, Chennai


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