LAUGHTER : The World’s Best Medicine


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“Everybody wants to smile

Nobody wants to cry

‘laughing’ although is very hard to choose

But one  can atleast try” 

Laughter is the  best medicine


. Laughing is just  an expression which is used to express happiness or cheerfulness.It could be a  laugh or just a slight giggle but when one laughs out loud  the whole environment cheer out in return and leave a refreshing  remark on the individual..Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam has said , make smile your habit and you’ll feel that the day is smiling at you.Doctors, Scientists , Researchers claimed that laughing is indeed a best medicine which can cure the deadliest disease of humans .. deadliest disease  in todays’s world  is  – stress.When one laughs out loudly there is a release of immune cells and  there is a suppression of stress hormones .This in turn  boosts out Energy too.The amount of Blood also increases in the body. When one laughs with full energy the good feeling is the ultimate result . Various Cardiovascular disesases can also  be cured  by a simple laugh. People used to go on morning walks and participate in the  laughter exercises so that it can  heal their body well and make it  disease free  and for sometime they can move away from their day to day stresses as well.

Laughing is also an Anti-depressant which can cure Stress and Anxiety .Human life is all about ups and downs; they are happy when their success  graph goes up  and they are sad when it droops some levels down; what they need to understand is the balance between these two.This balance can only  be achieved by choosing what one want and as mentioned earlier everyone wants to be happy. And as said by Albert Camus ;Life is the sum of all your choices.

But everybody today is running after worldy pleasures ;Nobody realises that it takes nothing  to smile or  to laugh this is a simple gift which one  can present  to their body without any sacrifice .No doubt everybody wants to be happy nobody wants to cry,  or to become sad  but for the name sake of worldly rich and worldly success one has forgot how to laugh, where to laugh and how much to laugh.Although  happiness is immeasurable ,but we have confined ourselves to laugh at lowwe volume  and to laugh for seconds . 

In the journey of life one faces trials and tribulations and also at  daily basis many personal and professional problems surrounds a person which leads to stress and consequently a prerson is trapped in the vicious circle of grief and anxiety ,but just a simple smile or a  laugh after watching any comedy movie or show can change his or her mind .It can change his situation. The person who believes that his problems are not bigger than his targets and his will  to achieve his goals have definitely achieved the balance between happiness and sadness.  

After a laughter of 45 min  even the muscles are relaxed. Laughing strenghtens the immune system and make the individual emotionally and physically strong. It promotes group bonding  and retrieves warmth in relationships. 

Emotionally, everyone of us wants  someone  who can understand us deeply even if we hadn’t uttered  a single word  or sometimes while watching TV we  want some  good news on  our TVscreens so that we can atleast smile .Life although gives an individual many reasons to laugh, to smile, to feel good about the  things offered to him , but by  the burden of some guilt or some mistakes done in past  or the grief of not accomplishing what he has aspired for: that particular   feel, that comfort, that laugh remains concealed within him he didn’t find a right place to show how he feels and certainly feels left out and this sense of him leads him to become emotionally very weak.As a  result his loneliness leads to massive stress and sometimes depression. 

Physically ,this stress and depression weakens  the body of the person. A stressed  individual shares no merry time with family( a place where he can laughor feel good about himself  ) and friends and laughing is something far beyond reach.  

 In nutshell,Something which can strenghten our body and mind  physically and emotionally is Laughter.The statement which Henry De Mondeville made is truly valid for the aforementioned reasons.The sound mind lives in the sound body and the sound body is attained  when we are happy. And the  Tree of happiness have  smile and laugh as its primary roots rest all is secondary..Believe it.. 



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