Visiting Bangalore? Have a Comprehensive Idea about the Highly Attractive Places of the City


 In case any of the individuals are planning to visit the city of Bangalore in the coming days then they must be very much clear about the most special places to be surely visited in the city so that one can very well enjoy the trip and can have a memorable experience for a lifetime. Following are the most important tourist attractions in Bangalore which must never be missed by the people visiting this city:

 -Bangalore Palace: This is the most significant places to be taken into consideration at the time of planning the trip to Bangalore. This place is fully covered as well as surrounded by beautiful gardens which makes it very much famous tourist destination in the city.

 -Cubbon Park: This particular Park the greatest sightseeing-based attraction because of the more than 300 acres of greenery. This has established by Lord Cubbon and is a muchcherished place for all the people who love nature so that one can have a highly calm and composed atmosphere very well. Bangalore aquarium is also present here in this particular park and it is the bestplace here which makes it an attractive visiting option.

 -MG Road Bangalore: This particular area is the most popular shopping area in the city of Bangalore which makes it very much popular among the tourists. It is occupied by the people every time and this is one of the most important places to be paid consideration by the tourists so that they can do the shopping for loved ones very easily.

 -Lal Bagh: This particular botanical-based garden is the heaven for nature lovers and this garden also includes the rare plants of foreignorigin and it has also attained the status of being government certified. The Lal Bagh rock is approximately more than 3000 millions of years old and it can be found only here which why this is a great tourist attraction for the people.

 -UB city mall: This particular area is located into the central business district and is the luxurious mall and highly preferred shopping destination for the shopaholic people. All the people who have high-end brands will love this particular area and the collaboration of four towers in a single area makes it very much mind-boggling. People can also have the experience of high-end brandsstores and ultra-fine dining in this particular area so that their journey becomes worth it.

 – Wonderla amusement park: This area is the most important tourist destination and is one of the best among all the fun-based in the India. It attracts all the people who crave for fun and adventure all the time. This area is full of high thrill dry-based rides and also includes some of the dry rides and fun-based rides which makes it very much important for every visitor to come here. It is approximately 26 km away from the city centre.

 -Commercial Street: All the shopaholics who are interested to do a lot of shopping must go with the option to visit the commercial Street because this is the only area which will provide confident lifestyle to the people of this area can be termed as the haven for shoppers. The options in this particular area are plenty and thisis first shopping recommendations to the people who are first-time visitors in the city of Bangalore. Traditional silk sari and several other things are very easily available here and the people can also have best possible quality at the most genuine prices.

 – ISKCON Temple Bangalore: Apart from the religious Temple ISKCON is also a very good cultural Complex which has been dedicated to the deities of Sri Sri Radha Krishna Chandra, Shri Shri Nitai Gauranga, Sri Sri Krishna Balarama, Sri Sri Srinivasa Govinda and Shri Prahlada Narasimha. This is approximately 5 kms away from the city centre and is a place which nobody will like to miss out.

 -Nandi Hills: Nandi Hills is can be termed as a very beautiful hill station which is located close to Bangalore and is the most popular tourist spot. It also provides a proper opportunity of trekking in Karnataka and is the best possible way of living life freely.

 -Bull Temple: The Bull Temple is approximately 4 km far away from the city centre and this is the oldest tourist place in Bangalore which has been completely dedicated to Nandi, Lord Shiva’s wagon.

 -The innovative film city: One must go with the option of taking a day out for this particular theme park because of spending a day here will allow the people together countless memories in their life which they will cherish throughout their lifetime. There are several kinds of sections in this particular city which include the miniature city, water rides and several other areas.

 -Go-karting Bangalore: This is the most important and breathtaking activities in this particular city. This can be very easily enjoyed by people with friends and family and it is very much important for the people to visit this particular area to enjoy.

 –Bangalore aquarium: This is the most amazing place of the city and attracts thousands of people towards it because of the beauty element possessed by it. This aquarium includes the exotic cultivable fishes and several kinds of varieties which makes it very much ideal place for having fun and excitement in Bangalore.

 -HAL Aerospace Museum: This particular area is India’s first aerospace mission which is located at the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited premises. It is 10 km away from the city centre and includes several kinds of helicopters and planes along with aircraft engine models and the flight simulators. In case one is interested to have an idea about the Indian Aviation History then one must visit this place.

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