Vesta, The planet of crystals

By: W.I.M.Withanage

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Once upon a time there was a planet which is called Juno, in Andromeda galaxy. It was a somewhat small planet. The prominent living beings of Juno were all most similar to human beings. People of that planet lived in peace and harmony and they used crystals and solar energy to produce their own energy. But there were not crystals abundantly in that planet. Therefor they protected their available crystals. That planet was lack of natural resources. But they managed to preserve them. One day the atmosphere of this planet changed suddenly due to a thunderstorm. There was not a way to control this harmful situation. So Juno people stayed in protected places until the thunderstorm is over. They came out after they confirmed that the environment has become normal. Even though all most all people survived from the thunderstorm, they had to face another crisis. All of their crystals have been destroyed due to the thunderstorm. Remained crystals were not enough to produce their full energy requirement. They were doing researches to utilize solar energy. But they couldn’t create a new technology or a machine which solar energy can be utilized into electricity. They realized that it takes a long time to create new machines and they can’t wait until then. So they decided to bring crystals from another planet. They had adequate space crafts. Unlike people in the earth, all the people/ all the countries in Juno works as an one nation. Space travelling was done all countries together. Twelve crystals were required to fulfill the whole energy requirement of Juno. So scientists decided to send ten space crafts for bringing crystals.

Their destination was vesta which is a dwarf planet in solar system of Milky way. Milky way is the closest galaxy of Andromeda. But they should have to bring adequate water and food because it is a long journey. They produced energy tablets and supplements to reduce allocating more space of craft for food due to they have to bring more and more crystals. Thirty-six astronomers were ready for this journey and Smith was nominated as the leader of this space travelling. They left immediately as possible. Three astronomers were in a space craft. Smith, Anne and willy were in a one space craft. After few years, they could arrive to milky way. “Now we are in Milky way and we are getting closer to our destination. Do you know? There is a planet which is called Earth in this galaxy. There are advanced living beings that are similar to us in that planet. That blue color planet is Earth”. Smith explained to others.” But Vesta is not close to Earth and we have to travel further more in this solar system”. Suddenly the space craft that smith, Anne, Willy were travelling was shocked. Three astronomers were scared, due to system malfunction was indicated. “I think that this can be the end of our story”. Anne said. “No. we can still keep hopes. We have to change our destination to survive. Let’s land to the earth.” Smith decided. “But we don’t know much about that planet. And also you mentioned that there are advanced living beings in that planet. They will kill us”. Willy mentioned. “Do you have any other option”. Smith questioned. Anne and Willy were quite. And later they agreed to Smith. Before changing the destination, Smith informed their situation to astronomers of other space crafts as well. He ordered them to complete their journey and bring crystals to Juno.   

After that they changed the destination and they entered the earth’s atmosphere. It was observed by Earth’s people and they informed it to the persons that have relevant authority due to they believed that it was not a space craft of Earth. When three astronomers came out from the craft, they were surrounded by army. Three astronomers were arrested and they were isolated. The space craft was detected by the scientists and astronomers of Earth. When they found reports and other documents of Juno astronomers, they realized that these three people are not harmful. So human scientists decided to meet and talk with them.

“Hi, I am Jorge who is a scientist. We would like to know who you are”. A human scientist asked. “I am Smith. Anne and willy are my friends. We were travelling to the planet, Vesta to find crystals. But we had to land to the earth due to a system malfunction of our craft. Can you help us to fix our craft?”. “Of course, we like to help you. And also we would like to give crystals. So you don’t have to go Vesta” Jorge mentioned. “Oh, Thank you Jorge.”

“Human beings are very kind and they treated us very well.” Anne said. “You are correct. But breathing is uncomfortable to me. It seems to be air pollution is high in this planet. And also lots of buildings are here and there. When I saw this planet at the space before landing. I thought what a beautiful planet is this. But humans destroy this beautiful planet. We can’t advise them due to we are strangers to them and we don’t have an authority to teach them. I think it is better leaving as soon as possible after fixing the craft”. Smith mentioned. “I think that they are neglecting their environment with their development. When they realized the importance of environment, they will be too late. Because these people are good, we will tell them to consider more about the environment”. Willy said.

The space craft was fixed within seven days. Now it is ready to travel. Willy talked to Jorge before leaving. “Jorge, thank you for your kindness and you all treated us very well. This is a very beautiful planet and it is full of resources. Even though our planet, Juno have not much natural resources, we love our planet and we protect it. So please try to protect the environment.” “You are correct Willy. We have formed different programs, regulations to protect environment. But it is difficult to get the support of all people.” Jorge mentioned. “You must be tactful for that. It is better forming a program or something considering the people’s behavior and their nature” Willy said. Three astronomers left the earth and they didn’t go to Vesta due to they get adequate crystals from the earth.

By: W.I.M.Withanage

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