Travelling to the UAE?Visit Al Ain for a Change!


If we pay avisit to the status of the travel industry, we can see the UAE as a favoured place for travel in Middle East. It can be pretty clear that the UAE is much known for its luxurious lifestyle and exquisite shopping experiences. It welcomes more than a million tourists in a year, making tourism a very crucial factor in its economy. But when we take a look on why the UAE ispopular in its tourist rate, it is mainly due to the urban tourist wonders like the tallest building Burj Khalifa or maybe the luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab.

As I am living in the UAE, I feel it is important to show another different place for travellers coming to the UAE. I live in Dubai, an emirate in the United Arab Emirates. Tourism is very important in its economy and it has the world’s busiest airport too. It also plays a quintessential role in international trade.In a nutshell, we can say that UAE is an much visited destination for business and leisure travellers. But, in thetourism sector, there is a drawback for the UAE. International travellers don’t know about the natural beauty of the UAE. Overseas visitors only know about the events of shopping, not bird-watching. They only know about fireworks, not green oases. In this essay, I want to show a bloomingpowerhouse of naturein the UAE that might replace your urban destination the next time you may visit the UAE, Al Ain.

Al Ain can be described as a town not that developed as Abu Dhabi or Dubai, but surely more environmental. In population, it surely has a difference than other cities, as there is more availability of amenities, but is more of a cultural-urban community. It is in the territory of the emirate of Abu Dhabi. That’s enough of the general location of Al Ain, it’s time to get to the point. How is Al Ain significantly more natural than other places in the UAE?

Before the union of all the Emirates, they were separate states or rather tribes. The Al Nahyan tribe, the tribe which inhabited Abu Dhabi, found an oasis on the outskirts of the city. They named the town where the oasis wasas Al Ain. This oasis had been a great source of water for the tribe and flourished the tribe. So it should have been a great city.It would have, if the world’s interest was in nature and water. But it was different as the world was racing against time to find black gold. That’s right, oil. They had found a huge reserve in Abu Dhabi, near the city. Ultimately, Abu Dhabi’s cities became flourishing and diminished Al Ain’s pride. Many other cities started growing and gaining in trade and economy, but since Al Ain was inland, it couldn’t trade much.

But Sheikh Zayed, the founder of the UAE, also thought about the oasis and its growth. He had to bring people to marvel Al Ain. Unfortunately, the news couldn’t be known widely internationally. But he didn’t give up. He knew he might not be successful in spreading about Al Ain abroad, but he can at least make their citizens and residents to create awareness about the beauty of Al Ain. But many tourists still do not know about this picturesque scenery-filled destination. I am really concerned and determined to make people know about this fabulous location.

Al Ain is a unique spot as it has tall mountains and houses a lot of mountain wildlife, making it a must-see site for photographing enthusiasts and nature-observing fanatic. It also encases archaeological parks and sites, such as the Hili Archaeological Park, as Al Ain was also an occupied pre-Islamic settlement. So Al Ain can also be a marvellously interesting site for palaeontologists and archaeologists.

Hey, if you’re a person who loveswildlife and fauna, there is more for you in Al Ain. The Al Ain Zoo is an inescapable point as it host more than 4000 animals from across the world. From its 180 species, 30% percent of it is endangered. It showcases the Chilean Flamingo from Chile and the Western Lowland Gorilla from Central Africa.

If you are not exactly the person who likes all this, and if you’re really adventurous and loves theme parks, then Wadi Adventure Park and Hili Fun City will be perfect. Wadi Adventure Park has a lot of fun activities like rafting, surfing and kayaking. For the children and kids, the Hili Fun City has many rollercoasters and fun filled rides. There is also theJebel Hafeet, which is the 3rd tallest mountain in the UAE, which give the view of the whole town of Al Ain.

Want to get closer to nature? Visit Al Ain Oasis! It is a very green oasis with some springs and is covered with palm trees everywhere! A good place for a quiet picnic. There are also hot and sulphured water springs in Al Ain. They are proven to massage and cure wounds and also helps in curing diseases.

Al Ain is in the eastern territory of UAE. It has an international airport but it has limited flights. But you can arrive at Dubai or Abu Dhabi and travel to Al Ain via road, while seeing the desert.It is 147 km from Dubai and takes 1 hour 30 minutes and is 170 km from Abu Dhabi and takes 1 hour 45 minutes.

This is Al Ain. I think it has a lot of tourism appreciating wonders for a small town.I hope I have instilled the minds of tourists to visit Al Ain. This may fulfil Sheikh Zayed’s mission for Al Ain.

Wishing you a happy and wonderful tour to Al Ain!

Author: Haricharan Venkatesan


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