The Talent Which Gave Sleepless Nights


Harsha is like any other teen age boy who is keen in his studies along with, immense amount of interest in theatre arts. Mainly, Harsha is a very good dramatist. He is well known for his actions and expressions in Drama. Harsha is a very humble and a soft spoken person. An extreme extrovert, who used to friendly not only with his classmates but used to get along with everyone in the school. All of his teachers and classmates were proud of an outstanding student like Harsha.

  Harsha’s parents Mr.sudarshan is a high court advocate and his mother Mrs. Susheela Sudarshan is a lecturer in a government college. Along with which, susheela is also a renowned guitarist and used to undertake home tutorials for under privileged students by giving them informal education which was a volunteer job.

Harsha was privileged to have kind hearted and talented parents like Mr and Mrs. Sudarshan. As the days passed by, Harsha grew up and his matrix results were out, where he secured 9 points as his GPA. He was one amongst the top 10 students in his school. Mr. Sudarshan always wanted his son to pursue his career in science. As he was very strong with basic concepts in maths and physics. Harsha and his family members were overwhelmed with the grade what Harsha had secured. Without even giving a second thought and without even asking Harsha’s interest, Mr.sudarshan got Harsha’s admission in one of the top reputed pre university college in science stream. Before Harsha could express anything regarding his interests, the college had already opened and he was in a new environment with the new college atmosphere and new environment.

Once, Harsha got busy with his studies, Harsha forgot that he was an enthusiastic artist some time back He had the pain and regret at the same time that, he failed to stand up for himself . As the days passed by, Harsha accepted the reality and started to go with the flow and gave his best in studies.  As per his caliber , Harsha topped With good grades and rank in his 12th standard board examination and got his seat in top, IIT Bombay( Indian institute of technology, Bombay). Mr. Sudarshan was so impressed and proud of his son’s achievement. But, Harsha still had the regret within him for not standing for himself and his passion. Harsha started his graduation days in IIT . During tests, he failed constantly in theatre arts because, he had built up a low self esteem about himself. And he wasn’t able to participate in the theater arts. Regrets killed him inside for not standing up for himself. But as the time passed on, Harsha accepted the reality and concentrated on his studies and placements. As Harsha was keen in his studies, and had enough knowledge to face the interview, he got selected in top reputed company after his graduation.  Harsha realised that, it was high time he stood for himself  at leastafter so many years. Hence, Harsha decided that after regular working hours he made sure that, he visited any of the theatre arts program which was near by his working place. Made sure that, he would speak to the drama artists and concerned script writers so that , he could improvise on his theater skills. After coming home, he again practised the expression and dialogues to get the perfection in the acting. By doing so, Harsha gained the same old confidence which he had in his school days. As days passed by, Harsha got recognition from many leading artists in the industry. He was given chance to play small roles in drama. He gained many good friends on stage and off stage. Among them one of the caring and humble friend was swarthi, who understood Harsha very well. Harsha shared all of his regrets and guilt what he had in himself for staying away from drama for so long years.swathi tried her level best to build his confidence once again and guided him by saying that” the one fails to stand up for himself, can fall for anything “.still there is a lot of time to get back to get back to parents and explain them about your interests. By hearing to swathi’s motivating words Harsha gathered his courage to speak to his parents regarding his interests. After going to home town  Harsha made an effort to convince his parents regarding his interests and passion. Mr. Sudarshan was angry about the decision .But susheela being a mother, understood her son’s requirement in a well versed manner and even convinced Mr.sudarshan regarding his interests. Sudarshan had a condition to Harsha stating that, “ if you want to get back to theatre arts, make sure that you achieve something big and get back to me” .Harsha took these sentence as a challenge and started to work more towards theatre arts. Swathi helped him to manage his personal and professional life . Now, Harsha got chance to play the role of main characters in drama and even was given chance to play side actor roles in block buster movies. As the responsibilities got added up, he was not able to concentrate more on his profession. So he quit the job and started to focus more on his talent. After some days he was give the proposal of producer in many drama and movies. One fine day, he became the top leading producer and was nominated for many award ceremonies. Mr.sudarshan was very happy to see Harsha as achievements. Harsha was thank full to swathi for boasting his confidence and thanked her for staying with him in his toughesttimes. Swathi was not only beloved friend but found a soul mate in her. Both of them started to love each other and decided to marry each other by seeking elders blessings.Mr and Mrs Sudarshan was fortunate enough to have an encouraging and bold daughter in law like swathi, who brought out best in his son.Finally, Harsha landed up as a successful producer in his life. And a role model for youth.

Author: Sudhruti Rao


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