Hidden Beauty of Snehatheeram Beach


Snehatheeram Beach in Trissur of KERALA is an unforgettable tourist place with many temples, parks, museums and splendid view of the beach. This beach is termed as THE BEST BEACH in Thrissur by many people. It is also popularly known as the LOVE SHORE. Let’s share some of the memory:

  • As I had visited the beach in the evening which also gave the chance to watch the beautiful sunset! I was lucky enough to have the glimpse of tinted orange sky, experience the rush and roaring of waves, tanginess of salt and the joy of fun with my loving family.
  • The building of sand castles beautified by the seashells is very memorable feeling which added fun to our evening. As I wrote all my loving family members name on the sand was wiped off by the roaring and mischievous waves which took them along with it to the sea
  • I enjoyed running towards the gigantic waves holding my brothers hand which hit against us and made us fall on our back. We left gasping followed by the sharp cry before realizing weather we are moving back or the wave is taking us away towards the sea, one more would hit us again, we roared with laughter and shrieks my father who was taking our pictures who stood quit far away from us also laughed his heart out watching us lying awkwardly with joy on the shore and never forgets to capture every single moment in his handy cam.
  • Now when we sit back and relive the memory through the pictures it the same immense joy which we had experienced that day.
  • We were forced by our parents to vacate the beach as it was getting late to drive back.
  • There many hotels near the beach and we had our SNEHATHEERAM BEACH SPECIAL MEALS for our dinner and sat for a while to observe the backwash of the waves
  • The cold breeze blowing on my face made my mind clear. The buzzing sound of the breeze is so typical to relax anyone in any situation, I was enjoying it thoroughly. The artist inside woke up in this pleasant scenery ,luckily I had carried my drawing book and the colouring set .i pleaded my mom to give some time to draw this beautiful scene around me before she could say yes I started sketching the glorious evening of sea shore with a sand castle which I had built ,this idea of painting which flashed suddenly into my mind was by the inspiration of SANDYA,a character of fictional cartoon MIGHTY RAJU where she sketches mighty raju and his pet playing in the beach! I had an amazing sketch of that day and is still hanging on soft board.
  • When I think of people I saw there around the beach, were very kind and interesting none of them played for themselves called everyone to play along with them with a friendly gesture. My brother who was not enough of playing with water and sand demanded to buy a ball to play the beach volleyball .Watching his demand a kind and lovely lady called him to join her children who already playing the ball. That was so kind of her. Even the local tourist guide who came along with us was a go to person who never got irritated by silly questions we asked but answered calmly.
  • Halfheartedly we left the beach as it was too dark to play. The tiredness and ache in the body due to traveling and playing is nothing compared to the most memorable day of my life. “IT WAS WORTH A DAY”

Author: Shreyaa 


  1. Dear Shreya, that’s an awesome experience and your experience is embodied in language. I felt as if I was there sitting next to you in Snehatheeram beach. Very well articulated bangari, this is the ‘BEST ARTICLE ON SNEHATHEERAM BEACH’.


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