Transforming Audio to a Computer Readable File is Easy with Transcription Services

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Transcription services are basically the conversation of audio or video to a text file and through this process, one can convert any of their audio files to a well-described text document. The commonly used transcription services are used for conversion of legal, business and medical purposes. Court hearings, trials, recorded notes of a doctor are the most converted documents and the staffs of a transcription services South Africa are send to an event, seminar or speeches to convert the spoken content into text.

After the speech recognition technology was introduced the transcription services have become easier and the recorded audio can be converted in many types of file. There are generally two types of transcription; Live and offline.

The offline transcription process is much accurate as it gets enough time for editing and corrections. The industries who use the transcription services use it for:

  • Transcribing speeches from conferences: Many companies use the transcription service to have a real-time written and printed note of their conferences. Every minute words are covered in a live transcription process done by expert staffs and thus every individual present in the conference gets the same information without missing anything or can ignore mishearing.
  • Getting exact detail of any meeting: If any organization arranges any group meeting, the entire gist of the meeting can’t be maintained as it is or one may miss noting some major points too. The transcription service is used to successfully recording and transcribing an entire meeting.
  • Transcription of Press Conferences: The journalists and the interviewers use the transcription service to record and convert an entire press conference or interview they want to publish.
  • Court hearings and Criminal Trials: The law industry majorly uses this transcription services to record their hearings, note the statements of witnesses and for criminal trials etc.
  • Research: The researchers also use the transcription services Johannesburg to save their time and lighten their workload of typing their thesis and also because transcription service offers great confidentiality of data.

The process of transcribing any audio consist of a few steps and one need to operate those very carefully for a successful and effective transcription.

The Transcription Companies in South Africa generally hire experienced staffs for this service, though the process remains the same:

  • An Mp3 based Dictaphone is used to record the audio file needs to be transcribed. The audio file can be of many types that are going to be transcribed
  • The chosen audio file is then transferred to a PC or cloud storage and either mailed to the person who is going to transcribe or the transcriptionist himself starts the next step
  • The audio is then replayed many times and the tempo of the file is adjusted, filtered and equalized for clarity of the sound
  • The audio file is then converted to text or other written file type and can be used anywhere needed.
  • The last but not the least step is to proofread the converted file to avoid any kind of mistakes performed during the conversion of the audio file. The transcriptionist also has to take great care of grammar and punctuation for the file.
  • It takes one hour for every 15 minutes of the audio file.

Apart from many other industries in South Africa who have partial requirement of the transcription companies in South Africa, there are the major industries in South Africa who use the transcription services regularly and they are:

  • Media and Advertising
  • Law
  • Education and Academics
  • Industries and Organizations

Afrolingo provides a fully operational and effective service to clients who opt for our services. We hire transcriptionists with a specialized degree and having a good understanding of language, grammar and has a good knowledge of summarizing word to word of audio to text. We also focus upon delivering our services on time to our clients and always meeting the deadlines of the works.


Our clientele varies on Media, Telecommunication, Software, and Medical industries and thus we have hands-on experience working on different types of files. With practice, preparation and years of working experience we are one of South Africa’s most trusted and preferred Transcription services.

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 Shadab is a writer for Afrolingo, a professional South African translation and localization company delivering online translation services. In a very short time, AfroLingo has developed a reputation as a reliable and expert provider of interpretation and transcription services in South Africa.


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