Top 6 best online classes for kids


Are you looking for an online class for kids this year? Are you kids fidgeting and not learning properly from the online classes you have already tried? If these and similar questions overwhelm you then you need to read this quick article.

2020 has not been the kind of year we were expecting. Everything seems to be at a standstill but, one thing that will never stop is the process of learning and educating. Education found a new route to engage with children this year via the internet. There are multitudes of online classes that are working round the clock to bring you quality education. Among all, one of the most difficult ones to develop is online classes for kids. Toddlers and young children under the age of 13 are fidgety, restless, and very expressive. So, designing a course for them is not easy. If you have been through a course, but it didn’t work for you and your kid, don’t worry here are the top options you can consider.

But before that, some quick tips about how you can go about choosing an online course.

  1. Be very clear about the kind of information and mental development it is going to help your little one with.
  2. Check if the course you are paying for is providing more or less value than a course for children that’s available for free online.
  3. The course should not be stretched too long and should be timed with proper breaks and activities.


Cedar Woods has slowly grown into a renowned institute for child education. They have a variety of online courses for children of varied ages. The course is fairly priced and provides extended knowledge that your little one would need at the age. The course is designed in a way that keeps the children engaged and always learning. Short and crisp to long and insightful, there is a lot to choose from with cedarwood courses. You can also get in touch with the management at the institute to learn more about the courses. Apart from online, they are also present offline at various destinations across Indian. So, if you like their course you can easily get your little one enrolled offline as well.


Specialist in English classes, the British council is designed for children to grasp the global language of English at an easy age. The online classes for kids are elaborate and m caters to a vast majority of kids age group. The institute also provides scholarships and takes exams regularly to examine little ones’ aptitude. The fees of the brutish is a little higher than other institutes but apart from that, if you are looking for an English class line for your children, this is it.


A globally recognized name in children’s education, Byjus has taken the E-learning for children scenario by storm. It is not just restricted to India but has branched all over the globe. The courses by Byjus are certainly worth a glance, and surely will not disappoint you. However, you should also be ready to shed some money if you are looking for a long term education plan for your little one with the company.


Catering to the age group between 4 and12, Nova kids school is the perfect place for toddlers and youngsters. Although they have limited courses, each of them is highly in-depth and very interactive for the children. They have also priced their courses very competitively which is great looking at the current crisis scenario.


The Montessori style of learning is also growing in India. Developed by Mira Montessori, the Montessori style of learning involves the development of children’s motor and cognitive skills along with inter factors. The online course at this institute is interactive and involves a lot of activities. They also offer free classes that one can try.


One of the free online classes for kids, offers a variety of prerecorded courses for children at no additional charges. It is game-based and surely helps in the development of the mind with some fun for children. The course can act as a breather between another course. And since you are not anything for it, you can visit the website anytime and learn.

So, these were some of the best institutes you can consider for your child for its next online classes. Remember, to check every detail of the course before enrolling and also look for free options if they are available in your region.


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