Top 5 unique earring styles from Blingvine

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Earrings are one out of all the jewellery that find space in every closet. Even before jewellery became an everyday accessory, earrings were something that were religiously worn by women and later even progressed into men’s jewellery. Earrings have seen a transition in the jewellery world like no other. You can see a collection of beautiful modern earrings from blingvine on their website. From heavy danglers to studs, the variety accounts for the transitions and variations that earrings have had throughout the years.

The hot topic for any jewellery always remains situated around the latest materials and designs. With changing trends and customer preference, it becomes important to step up and bring something new to the table every once in a while. Uniqueness in designs is also what makes a brand stand out; in terms of product delivery and customer preference.

Here, we focus on 5 unique earring designs from blingvine that have the potential to be a showstopper in the jewellery wardrobe! Starting off with our very classic pearl danglers that turn eyes everywhere. Earlier, the use of pearls in studs was prominent but pearls in danglers are another beautiful creation that is meant to be admired and grabbed today.

Just when we thought there was nothing better than pearls that could fit every occasion, came in American diamond earrings with their intricate designs that brought in a storm that made them reach the straight top in earring designs.

When we talk about earrings, we form an image in our head where our earrings always colour coordinate with our dresses and patterns that do not clash with the prints and designs on outfits. With our coloured gemstone jewellery, we come in full force to the party. Bringing in the latest designs and colours that are as royal as it gets, you are in for a treat!

Hoops have been in fashion for a while. Them being an everyday accessory that elevates any look is quite an advantage to the customers. Working on this need of the customers, at spot 4 we have hoop earrings that make a woman crazy with the style they add to their ensemble.

Now, we save the best for the last. Lastly, we have something that is unique in all sense. Not only in terms of designs, but also in terms of material selection, colour and quality. Our enamel pieces in jewellery. Enamel earrings are a new addition to the jewellery world that we proudly present. Using enamel as a material in itself was an experiment that has now become a beautiful reality. The quality and the colour of them is too good to be missed and makes them a sight to look at. If you are someone who believes in experimenting with their jewellery and catching up on the latest trends, enamel jewellery deserves a place in your jewellery closet today.

Earrings have delivered on their role efficiently. Always. We see multiple women who do not really carry jewellery often but what they do carry is a pair of earrings that adds the just right amount of volume to the look; not too overboard and not too minimal, just perfect for every occasion. If you still haven’t checked all of this out at our website, you are missing out on beauty and your next purchase. Search for your pair today and be fashionable every day.

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