The Unforgettable Day of my Life…

By Aadhya Paul

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What is an unforgettable day? Is it the day when you were very happy, or the day you got the best gift you carved for? If this is so, there are numerous memorable days in my 9 years which I can recollect when I sit alone. Suppose I wish to share the most memorable day of my life. In that case, I can quickly tell my joyful day when I visited Jijamata Zoo, the tour to Goa, or the day when I took so many joyrides in Universal Studio Tokyo. These are the days or moments which I can recreate or revisit, aren’t they?. So how can they become an unforgettable day? For me, an unforgettable day is one which cannot be recreated.

Let me tell you a real-life story when I was in Japan for about one year with my parents. I was five years old and I got admitted to a Japanese kindergarten where initially hardly anyone could communicate with me because of the language barrier. But with time I learnt some Japanese while they also started speaking in English and I got to mingle with my Japanese friend. It became my regular life even, I was not aware of when I would return to India. I was enjoying school very much and the Japanese lifestyle. Time passed by, and I made new friends and learnt Japanese culture.  I participated in various school activities and learnt cooking, gardening, playing the keyboard,  hiking, shopping etc. But, the day came closer when we had to leave Japan and come back to India.


Teachers had arranged a farewell on the last day of my school in Japan. A tea ceremony was arranged for my parents as per Japanese tradition. All my friend’s mothers were also present to say goodbye to us. They wore a Japanese traditional dress called kimono. All of my friends brought some gifts for me with some special messages. All my friends shook hands with me and wished me. My teachers wished me, hugged me, and kissed me. That day I felt like a queen and all importance was directed to me.

I can still remember the last two sentences of the principal, “Always respect time” and @There is No Alternative of Hardwork”. Japan is an advanced and developed country because of these two traits of the Japanese. I also inculcate these in my life. At last, all the teachers and the staff members gathered and sang a song for me in Japanese. When I was leaving, I could clearly see the tears in the eyes of the Principal and teachers.

I was not wishing to leave Japan and I promised myself that I would go there to see my school again.

This Farewell day was the most unforgettable day of my life because those emotions can not be recreated because some emotions are simply unforgettable.

By Aadhya Paul, 9 Years

Student of Atomic Energy Central School 4, Mumbai



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