The Soul in Distress

By: Preetilata Bose

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“Be a saint without appearing to be a saint.”

                                                   ˜The mother

Swami Ranganathananda had questioned once, “Can you love others? Can you feel oneness with others? Have you peace within yourself? And do you radiate it around you?”

Are we enough fearless to confess a truth? We, the people often get frightened to face struggles and sufferings and thus reach to an outcome to choose an ordinary life of less risk. This in turn put distress to our soul.

Tireless efforts and hard penance of a Sarada made her pure. We are thankful to her, But did we thank us?


It is a story of awareness. We are privileged to be a human being not a parasitic wasp. We should not just be actors but should be a wonderful spirit of consciousness who would allow remorse, but with empathy and respect should explore the place of origin and would apologize and practice gratitude, but if not, then our soul would rest on distress.


Contradiction, regrets, harsh words is what you are stranger to your soul. The much more productive we are, the much more positive ideas we restore for the sake of development or to emboss into a well transformed life, resolves issues offers us a pleasant soul.

“Our doubts are our traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”

If someone seeks greater pleasure, indulged in luxurious living, will have no desire to control emotion and would eventually have a great set back. The spirit is dominated by unwanted gestures. Then by living an ascetic life would make him understand the principles of thinking, his diet, his appearance as it is a secret to attain enlightenment and his suffering would come to an end, thus the soul will be restored.


All malice like anger, harsh words, clamor, slander, falsehood, steal our soul, and would reward us with unrighteousness and corruption, crooked and twisted.

Thus let us submit our soul to love, to honourable thoughts to sober discernment, to wisdom and instruction. Then there will be a beginning of a new source of joy and we would feel connected and manifested.


We are detached from all good things. Our food habit, our lifestyle, our faith, are all confusing, being misused and are exploited. The inability to meet deadlines, to exaggerate excessive importance to money making and undermining actual happiness.

We are not fortune seekers, so we should face circumstances, which are unknown to us confidently. Our fear and anxiety emotionally drains us, and the unpredictable and unavoidable part we can’t handle, struggling but never asking what is our positive skills which will answer you that will enlarge the mind, and broaden our consciousness. Our mind is shut and so we are making us static from gaining knowledge and serving humanity.

Like if your inner consciousness is awakened and you are paying least attention to ceremonial rituals, then don’t feel bad. We, are not we. We are mechanical, indulging ourselves in what others say, belief and do something which does not satisfies our soul but pleases others. It may be due to society in which we live in or it may be due to formalities or not be rebuked or criticized.

The essential truth is that, the desires of ours, our own expression is dying out by worthy consideration of unworthy people round us who opposes our grace, and our supreme creation.


Our intelligence would open the vision of our soul and it will directly be connected to God. It is our belief, our values of life that will treasure the practice of mindfulness, contentment and would establish a path of trust, a spirit of clarity, without blocking us in challenging situations.


Life turns to be worse and isolated when we step to old age. Family members are meagre, some friends left, some died. Near and dear ones passes away. Thus, it is obvious to set up a positive mindset, but you are not dead, so you are a concerned person and would concern that still there is a goal.

Without combating isolation, they should participate in social activities, go out for shopping, do cooking, attend doctor’s appointment, phone a friend, remember golden days and achievements of past, read books and novels, do gardening, devoting oneself to the beauty and sacredness of nature.

At the same time, family should bear some obligation towards them, like balancing professional responsibilities with elder care, sons and daughters can bring home pets as their companions, host a party for them, or make a video call at least once a week if leaving far and the most salient thing is to say them that you are for them.

Never allow regrets to take place your dreams, success, accomplishment and satisfaction. Your spirit would reach to wholeness and you soul would be contented.


The malady of the spirit will forever be gone. Open yourself to your Guru, your spirit will work more than a miracle, and it will enlighten the path of your existence and the blessings will bring your grace.


Bhagavad Gita, Indian Vedas are the very essence to the source of our learning. Cosmic consciousness is discussed by many sages, scholars and yogis and authors. Our body is not limited, it only seems physical but it is to be awakened by the divine mind with all source of knowledge, and moral perfection. Life would be full of ananda.


Our frequency is drawn towards biasness, negativity and not towards compliments, praise, are our way of thinking sometimes, we recall insults better than applaud, harking back towards rebuke but not positive interaction. Past traumas are persistingso, good emotions, good feelings are desperately required and should. Stop chasing for frail and unpleasant thoughts, but should realize to live life with honour and gestures. Stop rushing and hurrying but turn your next situation into a positive one with activity, work and surrender. The way might be long and tedious but once you get hold of it with solitude, your soul would feel the presence of wonder and do not fall into trap of artificial happiness. You should simply settle a goal and work towards them with energetic effort.


We should amend us, and we should surround us with people who tell us the truth, we should get along with people with intuition, the change will cover our repentance, grow better, and reform us.

Waking up every morning guilt free, and with a positive mindset. We should always say to us that God has already taken our responsibility and as a part of process, with endurance and faith our brighter periods would become permanent. We then can be able to build new consciousness, the paranormal powers makes it more and more invulnerable to the strike of diseases, illness, imperfection, limitations and frustration.

We desire more than our genuine needs. We should concede it. Maybe we will be able to feel the pain of pulling out pitfalls, but to improve the quality of our life, to understand the significance of our existence we should give us a chance, where our soul would leave to the divine.

“OM Anandmayi, Chaitanyamayi, Satyamayi, Paramee”

 The Mother

{OM- She, the Delight. She, the Consiousness. She, the Truth. She, the Supreme}

By: Preetilata Bose

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