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Zoe Financial
Zoe Financial

Ever needed expert advice on financial services, but didn’t know who to go to? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore! Cash Flow institute is your financial advocate, your go to place, where you can get every one of your questions answered. We specialize in cash flow solutions, commercial banking strategies, as well as consultation services to strategic partners, entrepreneurs and business owners. Our team consists of veteran experts, who have been striving to make the institute as successful as it can, while still not forgetting the roots and hence, its values. These teams of professionals are very trusted advisors, who have put forth ideas and solutions to clients, which have benefitted them in every way possible, thus talking about the efficiency and skills we possess. The process we use in here is specifically designed to motivate, empower and leverage your business – whether a large one or a small one – and what’s more! We will be the ones to provide you with the financial tools and solutions you’ll require along the way.

The portfolio

Cash Flow Institute has the primary aim of providing consultations, so that they don’t fall prey to the same mistakes other companies did during their time. Along with it, there is also the provision of comprehensive analysis of the company’s cashflow, including heir 5-year financial statement. We also provide solutions and consulting on financial problems that you might be facing, as well as the tweaks in the existing financing structure, so that the complex can be structured in a simple, comprehensible way.

Along with it, we also give small business, especially which the Banks and Credit Union’s have said no to, funding. Lines till $100,000, and term loans to $500,000 is our limit. This will be the fixed rate, and it will be automated daily or weekly. We even don’t say no hard to fund industries, so that you never have to worry about getting that business idea going. Along with this, we also give business line of credit, from $100,000 to $5,000,000. The term years are 1-4, with the option for monthly payments available. The scheme is interest-only, and you will need no appraisal whatsoever.

Type of funding opportunity

We at the institute also provide equipment leasing and funding, incase you need a place in those established business markets and need a good credit on your name. Along with it, we also provide equipment on lease. Yes, you heard it right! Mostly new or used business equipment, furniture as well as software, vehicles, etc. Then there’s private and hard money mortgage funding, where we provide funding solutions for many types of private mortgage loans. We also give business unsecured merchant cash advance, especially to those who have been rejected for a traditional bank loan.There’re also consultations regarding growth and working capital in today’s economy. We at the Institute also provide Real Estate Investors with a fast and cost-effective funding source for the businesses real estate investment needs. And last, but not the least, we are known for our unparalleled customer service, along with technology and another services provider



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