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Being wealthy doesn’t means being healthy. Healthy life is a reflection of happiness that we had. A spendthrift or an extravagant may or may not be happy, but the one with tranquil mind is always happy. In this digital world, people are getting addict to mobiles than alcohol and cigarette.

It is better to show that “MOBILE USING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH”. Science is just like a both edges sharpened knife. So, use it in a better way to get connect with people far away from us but not to become introvert person and also less usage less radiation.
What would you do if you are starving? What a stupid question? I took my phone and place an order on online. Wow it is really a good idea. But, do you ever question yourself taking food even without moving from your chair is a good or bad thing.

Obesity is one of the biggest problems in developed countries like America but now it’s Indians turn. We are adopting their culture and diseases too. Later you start going to gym and start doing workouts. Gyms and fitness centers are becoming booming business now. The attitudes and habits of the people need to change because “Prevention is better than cure “.
As industries running towards the development of new technologies. People starts working with brain than body resulting a versatile person becomes a dump because of workload. It’s better to spend few hours with family and friends that will definitely help us to get relief from the stress and increase our mental ability. Of course time is precious we know but “Spending time for ourselves is more precious”. You can earn more money once you lost but health can’t be perfect again as earlier. Creating healthy surroundings always boosts our energy levels and helps to work even better.

Fresh fruits are good sources for healthy diet. Now days we want everything to be done faster that’s why hybrid fruits are everywhere. Using chemicals they are making raw one to ripe one. By eating these chemicals injected fruits we spoiling our health. Not only fruits all field that cultivating food items using different chemicals and pesticides for preventing fungus and for better growth. So it’s better to wash the fruits and vegetables before having them. We are constructing large buildings for our luxurious life’s and Living in cities for all facilities. We are experiencing lots of traffics and pollution and we living in that areas only where we lost fresh air which refreshes our mind. We giving lot of area in our house for parking, guest room, swimming pools but not showing interest in growing plants which gives fresh air. If sufficient place is not there we can grow plants even in balcony. We went parks for refreshment but remember parks are also filling with people. Just try to plant a tree in a month which is very essential for our life and most important part of our life.

Waste management is necessary because throwing wastes outside causes many diseases. Proper drainage maintaining is essential if not it helps in growth of mosquito larvae which causes many diseases like dengue, malaria. Drinking clean water is also important one because many contaminated diseases occur through impure water only. Government must responsible to pump chlorinated water to everyone.

We are living in an era, where automation is increasing day by day. It causes the reduction of physical work and interaction with other people. Which makes people lazy? Automation leads to utilize less manpower.
Daily basis exercises are necessary good for health but now we are not physically working even a little bit at offices. Automation is good one but we need to do at least other works that exercise our body for maintaining good health. Good health is not god’s gift. “Right decision in right time makes bright future similarly good food and good mind gives you healthy life”.

Author: Ramya Inelli, A participant of International Essay Contest



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