The backbone of India Where do we see agriculture in 2030?


Indian agriculture these days has gone through several major insecurities that have been occurred due to the climatic changes, man-made disasters such as deforestation, factories exploitation, population, etc… most of the problems are caused due to the greatest living beings in this world. The agricultural lands have been turned into plots and flats.

Need for agriculture:

These days there is a huge exploitation of mankind. there is a need for food! But the agricultural lands are changed to human habitats and where will the agriculture survive? the survival of agriculture lies in our own hands. agricultural lands must get their opportunities towards cultivation. it is to fulfilling our needs!!! “ more the agriculture, more we live greater”. To protect the agricultural lands the first main objective is to reduce the population rate by introducing many governmental schemes and awareness in the remote villages. Since India is a developing country all the citizens of India must be more aware of barrier methods which will help more of the population. If the birth rates and death rates are more or less in a stable amount, it reduces the risk of destroying the agricultural lands.

Future of agriculture:

In the last 10 decades the population has increased double the amount and we the future citizens of this nation must be cautious about the future and save the existing agricultural lands. We must protect the agricultural lands from the industrialists at first {in my view}. All the agricultural lands are destroyed due to the chemical wastes dumped into the lands, nearby factories, unavoidable smokes and fumes from factories these are the major disasters after population. The future of agriculture is on the verge of extinction .all the people must have to battle against the destruction of the agricultural lands.

New agricultural methods:

New agricultural methods should be introduced in this century to make survive of the agricultural lands during the upcoming decades the agricultural lands and the methods for it is in its way of discovering it and in our vision maybe the agriculture might also be done in different places such as in water bodies with the help of new inventions and inventors who make possible everything in this lively world. Over the land most of the places are occupied by the waterbodies hence, the purpose of agriculture can be fulfilled through it.All other methods for agriculture in the future will be lead through the future scientists and the astronauts who make a new agricultural world in other planets such as in Mars, as they have found that it has water present in it and due to the overpopulation most of the people who might have to lead their life happily in Mars without the crowd, traffic and all that stuff.. many more methods are there to uplift the agriculture but the cooperation and teamwork of people will lead to greater success.

“Man’s brain is faster than computer as he created it.”


I would like to conclude that please save our agriculture because of our agriculture we are in a greater position in the world economy. It saves all our lives. Our need to live in this world lives in our hands. To live need food no other technology can fulfill it “save it”… time to change.               

To nurture our future, save

Authored By: Priyanka.A


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