Low cost strategies for engaging with your audience


It’s exciting to know you can implement low-cost strategies. In this post I will explain a few tactics you can consider. A big part of success is staying informed and finding what works for your business, especially at the stage you are in. Making the right efforts in a timely manner will for sure give you faster results. Here is what you need to know:

The impact of visuals:

You can always gain someone’s attention by having eye-catching visuals. This doesn’t mean they have to be extravagant and you don’t have to hire a professional photographer either. What matters the most is that you have a cohesive aesthetic on your website and social media. This shows that you are an expert about your product and also have clear goals.

Here is a great example of a brand with great layouts and design.


This is one of the most successful methods. Good stories about your product, how you started your brand, your background and expertise have a high potential as of engaging your audience.

You don’t have to spend many hours writing and framing all the information. One to 2 paragraphs can be enough for communicating the message. I recommend adding data or reliable statistics that support your story, this will make the information a lot more convincing.

Warby’ Parker’s story is a great example, the CEO talked about his experience losing his glasses back in grad school and being without them for 6 months because he couldn’t afford that expense. Because of this, he decided to start a company that offers affordable, socially conscious and aesthetically pleasing.

What problem are you solving?

State clearly what problem you are solving for the customer. The audience is always trying to improve some aspect of their lives, if your product or service can help them achieve this, you definitely have to include your product value in a visible section of your website and social media.

Interact with you audience:

Engage with your customers by adding questions in your social media post. These don’t have to be specific but definitely have to be related to your industry. You can also ask for feedback, which is actually the perfect way to get to know if you are missing something or if there are any aspects that need improvement. Per say, if you just launched a new clothing line you can ask in one of your posts or in your blog which item or fabric is their favorite.

Hire the right influencers:

Organization and time management are crucial when it comes to working with other professionals. Influencer marketing platforms can make this process a lot easier. You will be able to filter search results and select the right instagram or youtube influencers for your brand based on engagement, follower count, location and industry. Once you have this defined you can establish what kind of information you want to share with them, it should be as specific as possible. They are representing your brand and need to have knowledge about your company’s values, product characteristics and policies if needed. You can also provide them a discount code so they can share it with their followers. This will be a huge incentive and can most likely boost your sales in no time.

Share someone’s testimony:

This is also a great tactic and can reinforce the product’s value. This is effective especially when trying to find new customers. Many of us tend to look for reviews or ways to make sure we are making the right decision when purchasing something. We want to avoid regretting our decisions at all costs, contact one of your clients to see if they can write a review or share their recent experience with the brand.

Detailed posts about experiences with the brand have high engagement. The more details others share about the product, the better.

I hope you find these strategies helpful and get your desired results. Technology provides amazing tools for communication that we must take advantage of. Trying something new can be challenging and sometimes intimidating but once you have an organized layout with your goals and deadlines everything will become easier. Always believe in your product, it’s value and how it can improve other’s lives. Don’t feel discouraged if you didn’t get the results you wanted. The first campaigns are always the most important since you get to see what resonates with the audience and what doesn’t.

Author: Manuela Perez Nino


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