Technology Makes Life Easier In Every field


It is said that if we have land, jewelleries, money, wealth, position and possessions then we will be known as rich. He who has everything mentioned above if is not mentally and physically fit or in other words unhealthy feels unhappy. You can be rich or poor but you can’t work without good health, man needs good health to fulfill his desires.  Today’s man is powerful only with the help of science. Today’s with the help of science he is able to fly in the sky and is also able to drown in the water and only with the help of it he succeeded in creating a miracle computer machine.

In ancient times people were dying of various diseases. Only a few doctors were able to save the lives of some patients, sometimes in some cases patients experienced great pain without treatment until their death, but in these days with the help of useful medicines and developed types of treatments have completely changed the life of man. And the miracle computer machine is also able to identify treatment methods and diseases of human. Electrical energy plays a vital role in medical field. Electrical energy is also helping in the treatment of human diseases. Physicians are not able to perform useful surgical treatments without electrical energy. Electrical energy is used to photograph various internal parts of the human body.

Now we will focus our attention towards about a surgical treatment method and that is “plastic surgery” and we will also discuss about the technology that is used in plastic surgery. The more attractive a plastic surgery looks, the more a man has to pay for it that means it is expensive. Plastic surgery is a procedure in which injured body parts are repaired by tissue from another part of the body of man. If a person is injured and his skin is destroyed by accident and he loses his beauty then it can be beautified again by plastic surgery. Plastic comes from the Greek word “plastikos” and in Greek the meaning of “plastikos” is to make or to create. If a man burned by fire and lost his skin and his beauty, then it can be only repaired by plastic surgery. If any part of the human body is injured, some skin from the thigh of man is used to heal it. But nowadays plastic surgery does not require operation. by high technological science this treatment is now possible by injection. This means that the injection contains silicones and silicones have to enter into the body. Tissue engineering becomes very useful these days. It was not as much progress as it is now Modern technological science has grown so much. In these days it is not necessary to graft body parts, tissue can be generated by silicone materials. Biomaterial technology has also improved. 3D printing also printed tissue for plastic surgery. 3D printing is not used all the time for tissue engineering, but it is also very useful. Above all, science has proved itself how it helps us and how it has made our life easier.

Author: ASWINI KUMAR BEHERA. He is also an author of Cocktail Creatives.


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