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One of the most Inspiring Persons in the last decade is Sudha Murthy. She is the chairperson of Infosys Foundation, Well-known Philanthropist, Teacher, Programmer, the most celebrated entrepreneurs, author of a plethora of books that have translated in all major Indian languages. She is rich, generous, kind-hearted and has proved why she is a mother of donations. She is an epitome of simplicity.

Success Story

She says that she is a very ordinary person and the situation has made her so great. She taught her children about equality, care for someone else. She taught them at their young age itself that the money may come due to various reasons, but the money that you have has a cause. Her son has appreciated her saying Every mother looks after her child, but I am proud that my mother looks after some other children. She has played many roles, and she enjoys her work. She does not require a holiday because she thinks every day is a holiday. She tells whatever we do – we must do it the best. We should enjoy what we do, and she has followed what she has said.

Contribution for the Society

She has taken various initiatives to build schools, hospitals, orphanages, libraries, toilets. She has helped underprivileged people by giving donations. She denounces philanthropy is a combination of Science & Art. She says, she has understood people only by experience as Human beings are complex beings. She has seen many people, heard their stories, felt their emotions. She knows how to help them. She has founded several orphanages. Her words serving people has brought me a tremendous amount of calmness. Nothing else matters to me now. She has worked for more than a decade to give children access to food & education.


She conferred with the highest civilian honour in India. She has received many awards including honorary, doctorates from the university. Some of them are Life Time Achievement Award, Padma Shri Award. She has evangelized Corporate Social Responsibility.

Some of Sudha Murthy books are

  • How I Taught My Grandmother to Read
  • Here, There, Everywhere
  • Three Thousand Stitches

How she affects our lives in a positive way

It is an incident in which how she conveys a thought to her grandkid beautifully. She tells a story to her grandkid who asks why she has to eat a banana. The narrative is as follows:

Rishi Duravasa gets upset & gives a curse wherever he goes. He is a short-tempered person. All get scared of him (When you are not a nice person nobody welcomes you). One day, his wife asks him that, if you go, everyone runs away, but I have lived with you for these many years. So why don’t you give me a boon or gift? He agreed & asked what do you want. She answered that she wants fruit with five qualities.

  1. It should not be born in Devalokha (above heaven).
  2. It should be useful to worship God. Such a fruit without giving God will be incomplete.
  3. It should flower once a year & it should not have any seeds.
  4. All parts of the tree are to be useful for cooking.
  5. It should not be a messy kind like Mango.

So Rishi Duravasha made the banyan tree, and the fruit is banana. Whenever you see banana, you can see, it is the intelligence of the lady who told her husband about a fruit which is easy to eat. She completes it by saying its such a great fruit on earth if you don’t want to eat, then you don’t have to eat. But only learned people eat this one. Her grandkid immediately said she wants to be a learned person and ate the fruit. The way she explains the story is admirable.

Few Inspiring thoughts of Sudha Murthy

  1. Mothers love are unconditional & priceless. People who care for you only will tell. The third person will not tell you what is right. Mother, Father, Teacher cares for you. Those who care for you have the authority to scold you. Don’t underestimate parents & teachers.
  2. Role models to the children don’t come from outside. Role models to the children are parents.
  3. Learning from others mistake is being wise. If you learn from your mistake, then you will be a dull person.
  4. Be sensitive. Sensitive People always care for others.
  5. Read every day. Experience difficulty. Mix with people, understand what they feel.
  6. You require a mindset to be happy in life. Money cannot make you happy. She likes this statement a lot – Every difficulty in life is a helium balloon. Sometimes it stays with you. Then it goes up.
  7. Other people’s opinion should not affect you. You have to live in your own opinion.

She says that her inspiration is poor people. She talks about having a soft heart, kind heart to strong hands to help others. Philanthropy means more than giving money. She has devoted her life for the benefit of others. Her life story & her books motivate us. Personalities like her inspire us to believe in yourself and have moral values in your life.

By Kiruthika AS , Salem, Tamil Nadu



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