Succeeding in UPSC Exams: The Drive And The Motivation


Working as a civil services officer is a job beyond recognition. It brings prestige, power, and respect. Passing the UPSC conducted exams is another ball game. The IAS exams are tough, and a hard nut to crack. Every IAS aspirant, therefore, has to undergo the same gruelling rigours of the competitive exam. 

Some do it by enrolling in top IAS academy and others do it by self-studying. The outcome remains the same – the candidate has to work harder than anything before. The effort is not just mental but physical and emotional, too.

It is the determination and struggles that the UPSC exam requires which necessitates motivation. The adage ‘when life gives you a lemon, make lemonade out of it’ truly fits this scenario. In other words, utilise the taskmaster that is preparation for IAS exam to its fullest and come out winning at the end. 

How does a candidate achieve this goal, especially if they’ve bitten the dust a time or two? By keeping motivation and drive alive. How does an IAS aspirant stay inspired even in the bleakest of hours? For that, one of the leading IAS coaching centres  offers a few proven tricks and tips. 

Tips To Keep Motivation One Hundred While Preparing For IAS

· The simplest method is to attend counselling sessions where a mentor, expert, or adult gives you a pep talk and lays out the bright future in front of you.

· Motivational videos are another simple trick to keep inspiration levels up. If videos and movies are not your things, then read novels and articles that talk about UPSC success stories. Learning how others overcome challenges is the best way to keep motivation high. 

· Write down the outcome of passing the IAS exam and hang it somewhere you can see every day. When the goal is clear, you work for it.

· The syllabus of the Indian civil services exam is massive. The only way you can complete it all and retain is to take an interest. Study to gain knowledge not merely to pass the exam. It will make a huge difference to your mental status. 

IAS Exam: More Tricks To Stay Driven

For most IAS aspirants, it is the power that comes with the position that lures them to civil services. Keep that power in your mind, and no matter how hard a day is, your impetus will never waver. Think of all the change you will bring to society for good after becoming an IAS officer and let it be your driving goal for preparation. 

· Keep your focus on just one day and remove all other pressures. When your attention is solely on preparing for the IAS exam, all demotivators fall away. For each new day, find a purpose and achieve it. It could be completing a topic or giving a mock test. Once you attain the daily goal, your drive to accomplish more will increase. In turn, the speed of your studies will rise.

· Do not ponder over what will happen in the future. When you begin thinking ‘what if I am not able to complete studies in one month’ or ‘what if I don’t clear the Prelims,’ you borrow trouble. As a result, fear overwhelms you and motivation plunges. 

· Talk about your IAS aims to others. When family, friends, and acquaintances know your hopes and wishes, you work harder towards attaining them.

There is no doubt that the UPSC exam is near impossible to crack, but daily grind, proper motivation, and some determination can aid. As long as you are driven to passing the exam, nothing can deter you from it. Keep that motivation off the roofs by keeping your vision absolutely clear. When you see what you want to become, every hurdle the path to IAS exam throws at you becomes surmountable!

Lastly, failure is part of life, but it doesn’t mean you should give up. If you failed to achieve the goals for a day or week, take a step back, assess, and then double down. Don’t dwell on the failure, rather look at the solution and steadily work towards accomplishing the final goal.



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