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If you are a committed sports fan who likes watching their favourite sports online for free, you may have come across free sports streaming websites such as Streameast (Streameast Website).

Streameast is regarded as one of the best free live sports streaming platforms by millions of fans. This article reviews the features and content of Streameast and also discusses 4 popular alternatives to the online streaming website that work just as well.

What is Streameast website?

Streameast is a free live sports streaming platform that offers an exceptional selection of sports coverage, dependable live sports streaming and a rich desktop and mobile experience.

However, the website has several copyright-infringing contents and is not entirely legal. Streameast offers free online streaming services without any subscription or consent from owners. 

Despite the obvious issue of piracy, millions of people use every day because of the expansive range of content and excellent user experience.

Content And Features Of

Free sports streaming websites, are usually badly designed and awkward. Streameast, on the other hand, has a well-designed layout that provides a premium experience to its users. 

The Streameast website presents several high-quality features, which is surprising for a free sports streaming platform. 

To begin with, offers live streams for a wide range of sports such as MMA(Mixed Martial Arts), Boxing, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Table-Tennis, Hockey, Lawn Tennis and Formula 1.

The online streams include their live chat room or “shoutbox” that allows fans to communicate with each other while watching a game. These extra flourishes from Streameast result in an overall better user experience and have sports fans coming back for more.

The website does not require any registration, login or subscription.

While any user can visit Streameast and begin streaming their favourite sports, Pro members have access to extra features like Multi-Stream. This feature allows a user to keep track of multiple live streams at once without having to juggle between multiple tabs.

Streameast Pricing And Plans

Streameast, as previously mentioned, provides its services on a freemium basis. However, the website contents are not restricted to anyone, even if you are not a Pro member. This means that everyone has access to the expansive range of sports coverage on Streameast.

Premium subscribers, however, have access to some extra features like Multi-Stream, which allows them to view multiple games at the same time. Streameast Pro also does not contain the commercials that appear in the free version. For only 5$ per month, Streameast Pro gives you access to unlimited ad-free sports streams.

Other benefits of the Streameast Pro subscription are as follows:

  • Stream your favourite sports on the phone, PC, and/or tablet at the same time.
  • Up to four game streams can run concurrently on the website’s desktop edition.
  • Payments can be easily done every month using PayPal or cryptocurrency.
  • Unhindered ad-free live streams.

Is Streameast Safe And Legal?

When it comes to viruses and malicious redirects, the Streameast website is largely safe. Advertisements such as popups and banners are few and the website does not inject malware into your device.

Furthermore, Streameast provides authentic content to its users which makes it a preferred destination for sports lovers who do not want to spend exorbitant amounts on other platforms.

However, Streameast is an illegal piracy site that provides copyrighted content for free. It is always recommended to proceed with caution and use a good VPN network while surfing such sites. Using a reliable Virtual Proxy Network protects your online privacy and ensures your safety.

4 Popular Alternatives To Streameast


Similar to Streameast, Stream2Watch allows users to stream all their favourite games online for free. You don’t have to make an account or pay any subscription fees to watch live sporting events. 

Features of Stream2Watch:

  • Let’s users stream a variety of international sports such as Football, Basketball, Combat Sports, Golf, Hockey, Baseball and Rugby.
  • Unhindered On-demand sports streaming for free.
  • Provides links and redirects to other sports streaming sites. 
  • Contains several commercials and pop-ups to support the free content on the site.


CrackStreams is one of the best online streaming websites that lets you live-stream sporting events for free. The website mainly caters for combat sports such as boxing, MMA and UFC. 

Features of CrackStreams:

  • Multiple combat sports events like Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts can be watched.
  • Live schedules of important sports events from around the world.
  • Requires a fast Internet connection to watch live streams without buffering. 
  • A free website that does not require a subscription.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is a live sports streaming website that allows its users to watch a wide range of sporting events on a computer or mobile.

The website also displays a full schedule of sporting events and notifies you about your favourite shows, players and teams.

Features of Fox Sports Go:

  • Live streaming sports videos online.
  • Stories and latest news from the world of Sports.
  • Latest scores in live matches.
  • Requires a fast Internet connection to watch live sports without buffering.
  • The quality of streaming videos is not optimised.
  • The app is not free and redirects you to sports streams from Hulu, DirectTV and Dish which require paid subscriptions.


ESPN is one of the best websites to watch the latest sports news and highlights of major sporting events from around the world. 

ESPN users can read curated articles, watch video commentaries and find out current rankings.

Features of ESPN:

  • Watching highlights of the latest events.
  • Sporting commentary from well-known pundits.
  • Schedules of upcoming games.
  • Recent scores and latest sports news.

Parting Thoughts

Despite the many advantages of the website, Streameast is not flawless. It doesn’t allow the recording of live streams. Streameast also doesn’t have a mobile application for easily accessing its services. 

The history of copyright infringement can attract legal attention which may force users to look for more official apps like Fox Sports Go and ESPN.

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