Siliserh Lake, Alwar


People surely may have heard of the very beautiful Aravali Hills in Rajasthan. But ever did you catch the sight of this lake? May be or maybe not. Siliserh lake is one the most beautiful lake in Alwar city, Rajasthan. Covered both sides by the teeming green forests, and the aravali hills as the background, the view is really a blessing to the eyes. It is really a picture-perfect location. It runs over an area of around 7 sq km. This beauty was built by Alwar’s very own Maharaja Vinay Singh in 1845. There also lies a Lake Palace, which is known to be built by maharaja for her loving wife Shila. Quite a romantic spot it is!

Also, are you a Green Panther? Yes? Then this place is a Perfect spot for you. You can enjoy the calm and soothing view here with a cup of hot tea in your hand. The tea is yum-yum here. On the way to Siliserh Lake Hotel, you can also spot some shops which serves you maggi noodles, garma-garam pakoras, omelette etc which are the absolute saviour for amagic evening. Enjoying and eating in the midst of mountains, with a lake at one corner, and an excellent view, totally feels like heaven. Also, one can enjoy the delicious Rajasthani cuisinesand continental food at the hotel upside, which was earlier the lake palace. There too, you can enjoy the view and of course the lake. It is also a very good location for pre-wedding shoots, photo shoot and etc.

Banana boat ride, Scuba diving, Paddle boating, motor boating, one can enjoy all these water adventures here. Also, it is a lovely place to capture some pictures. But beware of the monkeys!! Shocked to hear about the monkeys? Don’t be, because on the way to the hotel, there is a beautiful monkey park, where you can find like a hundred of monkeys and feed them bread or something. You can also feed some wheat-balls to the fishes there, and enjoy it seeing them catching and fighting for the balls. Crocodiles can also be seen soaking up the sun.

It is a great picnic spot for recreation. There are plenty of things to do and learn. You can have a great family time here as it is free from the hustle and bustle of the city. Also, its quite safe there, so people can enjoy without any worries. It’s a perfect treat for the nature lovers. The place is an absolute blend of nature and wildlife. You can also sometimes spot the very lovely lotus flowers alongside the lake. You can even purchase a planted one from the shops there and take that to your home as a remembrance of the Lake.

Also, if you feel like staying here for a day or two, it does provideyou the perfect accommodation with a great landscape. One can stay here to refresh themselves from the fuss of city lives. Also, it’s not all that expensive. The lake is really a crowd attractor. Crocodiles and the graceful migratory birds get the major credits. Sometimes, the actors and actresses too are spotted here for the shoots. The lake really does have an alluring natural setting. When the locals visit the lake, Alwar does not seem like Alwar. It seems totally a different yet charming part of the city. The place is a real surprise for the tourists.

What makes it even more beautiful is its cleanliness and proper maintenance by the government. The place is all clean and slick. The eating shops, park and the hotel are well-maintained and offers good services. Thanks to RTDC for such efforts. Also, with just an entry ticket of 100 Rs, one can enjoy the hotel as well as any beverage, that will surely cool of your heat.

The best time to visit the Siliserh lake is in the cooler months or the monsoons, say from November to February, to enjoy the windy, calm and pleasant weather and also the water level remains moderate in these months. In rainy seasons, it looks no less than a hill station. The view looks breath-taking during this season. Summers are without saying not a good idea to explore the areas of Rajasthan. It is probably the best location around to buzz off the heat of Rajasthan. Siliserh lake is surely a must visit place when you come around Rajasthan. You surely wouldn’t regret the visit and have a memorable experience, because nature always has something new for you.



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