Why Should We Visit Bapu Bazzar While in Jaipur


Every place is unique in its way but there is always some specialty about that place which makes it different from others. That specialty attracts us towards it and not only us but specially tourists and outsiders. Tourists are interested in visiting places which are popular or have some historical significance instead of roaming all over the city. So every city has some popularly known places which have to be visited if you are going there. Those specified places or spots tell us majorly all about city and give us a clear picture of the culture, history and customs of that place. In all these places plays a very important role in describing the city’s importance and its heritage.

Jaipur which is always known for its forts like “amer fort”, “nahargarh fort”etc. and food especially “dal baati churma” is also known for its handicrafts and clothes. Jaipur is famous for “lahariya” and “bandhej”.  These are the fabric materials which are used to stich saris in Jaipur. These bandhej and lahariya saris are used to wear by women on festivals. The best place to purchase these saris or fabrics is “BAPU BAZZAR”. Bapu bazzar is known for its handicrafts and these fabrics. It is a whole sale market which sells these goods to not only local people and tourists but also to maximum all the retailers in the city. Hare all the clothes and fabrics are made by the local workers with proper embroidery. Lahariya and bandhej clothe always needs to be dyed in bright colors like orange, red, pink, yellow etc. as these are the basic colors which have to be wearied by local people on occasions. These clothe are firstly dyed and then required designing is done on it. Maximum all the shopkeepers have their own manufacturers separately. These manufacturers produce the required clothing in the factories and supply them to the shops in the bazzar. These local clothes and colors are liked and appreciated by the tourists a lot which makes this whole bapu bazzar unique. This bazzar is also special for its handmade earrings, purses, bed sheet etc. the bed sheets which are sold there are usually in “sanganeri print”. This sanganeri print is actually local print style owned by sanganer which is a place in japur. Sanganer is popular for for these prints and these are supplied to the bapu bazzar which is main purchasing hub for the tourists. Sanganeri print contains designs of the local village, elephants, peacocks etc. which made it different and unique in its style. This print is not only limited to the bed sheets but also used in suits and other clothing which are always in demand by the jaipurites. Apart from it, handmade earrings and purses are also counted in bapu bazzar’ specialities. These purses, handicrafts and earrings are made by local merchants who either sell that directly to the customers or to the shopkeepers.These items has that local jaipuri touch which is not seen anywhere else. As Jaipur is known as the pink city so all the walls of this bazzar is also painted in pink which gives it a small pink bazzar look. Only few people may know this, that bapu bazzar is also known for “LAXMI CHAAT BHANDAR” or some may call it as LCB which is popular for its food from several decades. This food point not only has chaat but also has fast food (chinese, south indian). If we talk about specialty then this food place is famous for its “suji ke gol gappe”. The place is known for its taste and quality all over the city. All these things make the bapu bazzar a perfect tourist spot which is unique for its clothing, handcrafts and chaat. Thus for any outsider or a tourist this bapu bazzar is perfect for local shopping and chaat. So bapu bazzar itself is a small representation of the Jaipur’s culture and chaat.

The specialty or we can say a popular spot which is unique in its way plays a major role in tourist interest and popularity of that particular place. In the same way as bapu bazzar is popular in its way and it makes tourist attracted to the city. A city which is commonly known for the forts is also known for its special market which is not much considered. But it is necessary to make it a noticeable place as it is unique and special. Apart from unique it is a major tourist spot where you always see a crowd of outsiders and tourists. Some places are not given much importance as they deserve but they are loved by the tourists.





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