Significance of a Teacher in a Student’s Life

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A teacher is the one who shows the right path to move in every students life. Teacher is regarded as one of the well wisher next to our parents who wants their students to reach heights in their life. After our parents,  A teacher is the one who always supports and encourages us in all our aspects and is responsible for overall development with respect to our studies, extra cocurricular activities .

A mentor who comes by our side during our toughest times and the one who promises to be our side all the time. Hence, in order to mark respect and to seek blessings from our Guru’s, our Indian Mythology has allotted an auspicious occasion to reward all our teachers/Guru’s on that particular day. By this ,we are respecting our tradition and culture . This particular occasion  even depicts how rich our Indian tradition is.

Indian mythology such as Mahabharatha and Ramayana have depicted the importance of a teacher in every aspect of our education.  Many great Guru’s like Dhronacharya from Mahabharatha  was a tutor for pandavas and kauravas is a true inspiration for many of the teachers even to this day. Even , parashurama who was Guru for Bhesshma and karna is a well known example. He is a legendary Guru with impeccable knowledge and the one who has aimed for perfection in reaching goals.

According to mythology,  Goddess Saraswathi is responsible for the knowledge.  So, during the time of Navarathri, the 7th day is regarded as the saraswathi pooja. In order to mark respect to knowledge. And even to enrich our knowledge in career prospectus

We citizens nationwide must be thank full to our ancestors who have set such wonderful tradition and culture regarding the Guru poornima and have preached us the importance of guru in everyone’s life. Being a teacher is one such noble profession wherein, It is only a Guru who has the capacity to remove darkness from us and shower the light on us it is the “ light of knowledge “ which is the boon given to any student to build themselves with the caliber or talent what one has got.

Teacher’s blessings are essential and always has a significant role to play in a student’s life. Hence, knowing the importance of a Guru, our ancestors have given prominence for Guru poornima.

This article even stress about the importance of Guru in theatre arts such as music and dance. Music and dance are one of the important theatre arts which are derived from the samaveda. Samaveda is one amongst the vedas.

There are basically 4 main vedas and they are Rig veda, Yugur veda, Sama veda and Atharva Veda. It is only very few gems who are gifted with melodious voice and talent to dance. But in order to inculcate in our life, we require a prominent Guru with tremendous amount of knowledge who can preach all of their life time knowledge to us and make us a knowledgeable human. Arts like these are responsible to fill colours in our life.

Along with this, hard work plays a vital role. Practice and persistence are required to culture out voice and nurture them everyday. For this reason, a Guru’s blessings are essential. This helps us to reach heights in our life. As a part of Guru dakshina, Every Guru expects their students to have a good performance and lead a discipline life.

Being responsible student, it becomes our duty to pay them back the respect and humble pranamas on the occasion of Guru poornima. This brings prosperity to all of us.

Due to modernizations, many students show disrespect to elders and Guru’s in educational institutions. Many have forgotten the discipline and culture The roots from where they come up. Because of which, they show disrespect in front of Guru and gets suspended from educational institutions.  This creates a black mark in their career .

Not only this, Irrational behaviors ruins a students career. In order to take the revenge many students create memes on social networking. If these activities are not stopped at this tender age, students like them will have a black mark further in the society.

In order to cut down such behaviors in students, it is very important to preach them ethics and morals from the childhood. Which are the roots for every responsible human in the society. In order to grow up as a person with efficacy and integrity everyone of us must realize the importance of morals and ethics in our life.

And this is implemented by our parents and Guru. Hence, realizing the importance of a Guru let us all covey our humble pranamas to all the teachers who have nurtured us and have helped us to come up in life.

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By Sudhruti Rao


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