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 “Rural development is a strategy designed to improve the economic and social life of rural poor”. It is the concept which focuses on development of backward areas and village of the economy. It plays an important role in developing the nations. The concept of rural development is quite comprehensive and extensive. It is all about bringing change among rural community from the traditional way of living to progressive way of living. It is expressed as a movement for progress. In this research I endeavor to outline the main definitions, objectives, needs and effective implementation of policies.
According to WORLD BANK (1975) rural development is defined as “Implying the improvement in the living standard of masses of low income population residing in rural areas and making the process of development self sustaining. It is a multifaceted phenomenon. Rural area is the place where people are engaged in primary activities. Rural area is a place which is away from the developed areas that is cities, towns, etc. In simple words rural area is just opposite to urban areas. It is basically agricultural in character. In INDIA about 70% of the people reside in rural area. There are many problems faced by the rural people especially in the fields of unemployment, education, health, agriculture, etc. Therefore it is essential to be developed. Rural development is therefore the “SINE QUA NON” for the country’s economic development.  What makes a nation developed? The clear indicators for development of a nation are; the wealth of the nation; the prosperity of its people and its places in the international community. This statement clearly states that the development of nation lies in the hands of prosperity of people. Especially for prosperity of people, there should be development in the rural areas. All over the world rural development plays a crucial role.
According to Asian centre for development administration (ACDA, 2004) “A process which leads to a continuous rise in the capacity of rural people to control their environment accompanied by a wider distribution of benefits resulting from such control is rural development”. Rural community is a group of people living in the rural area with common characteristics or interest. The village is the primary institution for rural people. They have a good relationship between each other. Due to limited services their lifestyle is different from urban areas. It is a process, which aims at improving the well being and self realization of people living outside the urbanization areas through collective process. According to UNITED NATION “Rural development is a process of change, by which the efforts of the people themselves are united, those of government authorities to improve their economic, social and cultural conditions of communities in to the life of the nation and to enable them to contribute fully to national programme”.
Rural development is a comprehensive term. The real progress of world did not mean simply the growth and expansion of industrial urban centers but mainly the development of the villages. The idea of village development being at the centre of the overall development of the nation is relevant even today.  Approximately three quarters of the worlds impoverished live in rural areas. Many people migrate from rural area to urban area due to unemployment. There is poor progress in standard of living of people. Poverty is the main problem of rural area. Resources are scare and wants are unlimited. So it is important to allocate the resources properly. There is no proper facility. So it is very important to improve the infrastructure such as drinking water, health-care, sanitation, housing, road, electrification, etc. Children in the villages are not educated properly and there is a problem of child labor also.
                            If you study well you will become efficient
                            Through efficiency creative ideas will emerge
                            Creative ideas will become knowledge forces
                            That knowledge will make our life prosperous
                                                                                                 -A.P.J. ABDUL KALAM
   Education is the powerful weapon to change the world. So it is very important to educate the children.
                           There are many problems faced by rural areas. Different areas have different problems. So it is important to identify the problems faced by different areas. Policies are framed to improve the living condition of people effectively. Some areas have water problem, and others have health-care problem and so on. So there should be a clear understanding of each area and according to that area the policies framed have to be implemented properly. Even though it is very time consuming process but is very effective too.
                           While framing the policy it is very important to identify the need of the people. Then it should be identified who will take the lead responsibility and gather information about that particular area. With the gathered information the policies have to be drafted. The drafted policies have to be consult with appropriate stakeholders and it should be finalized.
                           After framing the policies the government should list out the framed policies and prepare a list of them. And it should be delivered to all the officers regarding the rural development and people too. The people should analysis the needs and frame the problems faced by them and should give it to the village administrative officer. The village administrative officer should cross check the problem and effectively implement the policies framed by the government.
                         Recent year’s social media plays an important role. Through social media the policies can be effectively implemented. It is the digital world everyone is connected with the social media. The policies can be implemented effectively through education. Nowadays education plays an important role. For example, if there is a village with 103 families of that each family has atleast one child in a home. If every child is educated with the help government then the people will also can get aware of the policies farmed for them and the standard of living of the people also get improved. The people interest plays an effective role in developing rural areas. It is the rights of every individual to ask their needs and wants. The people should take proper measures for their development and demand government to implement the policies effectively because “government is for the people, by the people and to the people”.  Then they should use renewable resources effectively. For example rain water harvesting, biogas, bio fuel, and etc. In Germany more than 90,000 jobs were associated currently with bio energy sector. This leads to creation employment opportunity for the people. Bio mass is an important renewable energy. So with the help renewable energy the problem of scare resources with unlimited wants can be solved easily. Recent year’s social media also plays an important role. Through social media the policies can be effectively implemented. It is the digital world everyone is connected with the social media.
After implementation of policies the standard of living of people will get increased. There will be increase in agricultural productivity. It leads to increase in employment opportunity and create income for the people. There will be equal distribution of wealth and resources. It leads to increase in education with the help of education the infrasture and facilities like health care, schools, drinking water, roads, nutrition etc will also get increases. Then the real development of nation begins. It also leads to efficient use of resources and make the people prosperous.
The purpose of this study is to highlight the needs of rural development and effective implementation policies. Even though it is a time consuming process the result of this speaks a lot.  In my point of view the thing is the government and people should cooperate with each other, plan effectively and implement properly. It applies to the principle “A small drop of water makes a big ocean”.  Same like that individual interest makes a big action and that big action leads to big difference. I conclude my essay that “Nothing is impossible until we take an action”.
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Author: Ruba Gobi from ERODE, secured Second Rank in International essay Contest organized in November-2019


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