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         Rural development, hearing this word the picture of the village stands in front of us! What is rural development? And why it’s so necessary today? We are living in 21st century yet even today there are such questions whose answers are necessary to find us. In which direction rural development is going? what is the definition of rural development today? This is all are very important issues. Every country has villages in the world. In fact villages are inseparable parts of every country.
Gandhijee said, ”our country is a country of villages” and we all know, first of all, the village came into existence and later urban came into existence! But don’t you think today only urban areas became the central point of development. But this is not good for country’s development. Because there is half of the population of our country is centralized into villages. And most importantly the ‘farmer’, our foster is live in rural areas. But they face many problems in rural areas just because of disorder of rural development, why there is disorder in the management of development? Our country is a developing country. Why have we not been developed yet? And why even today some rural areas are still backward? There are many problems and blocks in rural area this the dark truth of villages yes, almost we ignore development of villages and just focusing on development on urban area like industrialization, technology, trade, and science.
Today it has been so many years of liberating the country? Nevertheless, we see that even today in 21st century, there are many questions are still unanswered. Just like, there are poverty, farmer’s questions, unemployment, illiteracy, blind faith etc. today even though we have grown our business in international level, we have made many things digital just like another country, in short, we are growing in direction of technology development but same time there another side many critical problems are spreading in rural sectors, just like toilet yes after 72 years of freedom there are peoples who don’t have toilet yet is this not terrible? Yes it is a defiantly a horrible and shameful thing but why this shameful thing still exists in rural today? Ok, fine! we know our government has made so many efforts to make every village toilet free! And it’s done but can we say with the claim that today every village of our country became toilet free? No! Because, this is the fact that even after that so-called plans and schemes there is so many village have not toilet yet! It is not just about toilet, the matter is about how poor conditions of village and rural areas! And why those problems are still in rural because of poor government systems. Yes, our government system is based on democracy but we see there are so disorder, mismanagement, and lack of unity teamwork. No one can deny that there is a lot of corruption in management yes that is why maybe the government makes a lot of plans and schemes for rural development but do they really work normally? I mean, we know how strongly they execute on those plans and schemes. Exactly, not they don’t strictly execute on them that’s why rural areas stay behind on and on! Then what is the solution to it? It’s answered in our thinking, in our way of working on development. We know we just think about trending things like technology but we are just focusing on industrial issues but we ignore rural areas why just we think they are unimportant? They are illiterate? Yes, we think the same but this is our poor thinking maybe they are illiterate but they also are human like us maybe there is a lack of some facility in village society but that society is also made from humans like us. Then why we consider them small why we ignore them?
So, just by focusing on technical matters the vehicle of our development will not move forward. Because believe it or not but this is the fact that without rural development we cannot be caught the throne of the developed country! Why we are even today in just developing status? Because we don’t understand the main root of development. Any rural areas, in short villages, are the root of a country’s development! And the way the tree grows by cleaning its root, in the same way, rural areas are roots of our country’s development. Hence, first of all, we should make them clean, problem-free and healthy then our country’s development will grow. The policies of rural development should be incorruptible and strict!  Government policies for rural development are prior supported for its development. That’s why today we should improve rural society basically not by only plans on the document but by bringing in action! Because this is the need of today, today’s developing status. Rural development is basic and roots of future development! And we must understand it.
Author: Shital Bhaulal Bhalekar, from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, participated in International Essay Contest, November-2019


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