Pollens of flowers

By: Roop Shree

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One is God
On is symphony
Two is company
To is Pandora’s wish
Three is crowd
The is family
Four is temple
Our is currency
Five is chance
If is partner
Six is Venus
Is is connector
Seven is vow
Seen is sensory
Eight is perfect
Tie is knot
Nine is angel
I.E.is mother
Ten is Rupees
Net is food


Curves are symbols of threshers
Waves are emblems of freshers
Turns are mentors of rounders
Love is scenters of genders
Respect are renters of dearest
Fears are hearers of chirrpers
Steths are epitome of healers
Judges are honours of cloakers
Machines are bejewel of makers
Singers are miracle of prayers
Dancers are colours of homemakers

By: Roop Shree

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