Poem: The Chained Beauty

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Queen born with the crown,

The warrior who evokes strength to confront pathetic giants.

Feministic remark humiliates your pure soul vow to reprimand enraged.

An artist sculptured you as a serpentine beauty.

You are the fumed soul with the fragrance of purity.

You, the charioteer of truth with seldom feeling blue

Slavery tributes your power.

You are the rising moon to dwelling earth.

Tinted, tormented, fed up the massive stone

They crushed your dreams with their dirty nails,

crumbled your self-esteem too

You respired your skeleton.

Nature supported you but the law of nature

blindfolded your pure soul.

Society sheds its slurry, tied you, tired you, dumped in air,

but wherever you are your roots propagate its charm.

You are the residue of your realms.

You are an ever-beautiful creation.

But the hurdles in your path remain slippery.

A comfort zone is a mild joke for you.

You make all pains vanish in your pretty smile.

You are the solace mansion of men.

Your trust is the clarity of endeavor.

Your tears blossom on a rainy day

Your twilight shades many cocoons.

You are the bridge that never collapses.

Your underrated emotions raise the fire of empathy.

Your spark dictates a tale but your agony is an unread poem.

March dates the great WOMEN’s DAY, but the toxic society harms her with their eagle eyes.

Who empower’s her?

On the birth of a girl, many smiles fade,

Society terms her a hurdle or a forbidden burden

They worship Goddess but never have the courage to own them

Your cliched wings are the ever cliche

You own the earth deity

You are the root of all civilizations

Your red spot winning a thousand wars

Your motherly pain shakes the whole universe.

Your hidden views and knowledge is the biggest treasure for life

You imbibe the moral value of a family.

Your broadened will tapers all argue

Your dreams remained fragmentary

Your restless phase makes men sadist

Your legs run fast, carrying your imperfect mind

Your calmness roars its symphony.

You sobbed in the night but evoked as the lion

Your fear lights up all inhumans’ veils

Your bright eyes lie a key to self-respect.

You are the warrior of success, but failure embraces you more.

Your fingers crossed your lips but never your inner voice.

You carried the blasting emotions

if they fled they would succeed in the oceans.

The fire in your eyes closes its tulips

Your rosy lips sweat to kiss but never as your wish.

You are worthy of being threatened.

Your golden skin pays homage to legends

You are the emotionless path to lustful society.

You are framed as the sculpture of virtue

Men built the glorious cage for your survival,

but motherhood restocked the pearl in you

It marked your self shell

Your likes, dislikes, wishes, anger, fame, and worth are just like cider.

Men do all malpractices, but your eyes are wedded to darkness for them.

Constitution gives you all rights but it never followed

You are the ones who own you

Open up your fairy eyes, burn your ego, never rely on the path of society

Just flourish your you, grow with flying colors

Never stop unless you achieve your dream

Your sacrifices are never counted but your hard work is always weighed.

You are the soothsayer of your unwind life

Your fire attitude gains a strange motivator

The champion in you never dies

Break your chained soul and evoke from its labyrinth

By: Meiwah.S

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