Oprah Gail Winfrey : Journey of a self-created woman

By Aabruti Chakraborty

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A lady who grew up with inspiration, dealt with every hectic situation in her life, became the star icon. Let us start the journey of the famous black billionaire, known as “Oprah Gail Winfrey”, born in Mississippi on January 29, 1954. She has passed a very difficult childhood phase, she has lived in poverty for many years and also been molested by her family members. She became pregnant at a very early stage, her age was 14. And the painful fact is that her son “Canaan” was a premature child and died on the same day due to a pathetic health condition. Winfrey’s name was misspelled, earlier her name was “Orpah”, but people often used to mispronounce it, later on she decided to change her name and keep it as “Oprah”. Winfrey’s mother’s name was Vernita Lee, she was a single mother and was a home maid. Oprah’s biological father was Vernon Winfrey, he was a coal miner, later became barber and after that became city’s Councilman. Oprah used to live with her maternal grandmother, Hattie Mae Lee, she was very poor and was unable to afford food for her granddaughter “Oprah”.

About Oprah’s Talent And Inspiration  :

In her childhood days, Winfrey was known as “The Preacher” because she used to recite the Bible. She attended Lincoln High School and she used to interpret at her school,  then transferred to Nicolet High School, where she was voted for the “Most Popular Girl”, she won the “Miss Black Beauty Tennessee” Award. Oprah was a part time news anchor at WVOL in the African American radio station. Oprah was the youngest anchor, hired by a station named WJZ. In 1980, at the peak level of her success, ABC gave a talk show offer in Chicago with the help of “King World” Production team. Later she became a famous television personality and was inspired by her grandmother because she was the one who encouraged and taught Oprah to speak in public and explore her talent. Oprah Gail Winfrey was a known television show star and also an actress, she has got some awards for best supporting actress. She has acted in films like “The Color Purple, Selma, The Butler, Beloved. Also, she has won a Tony Award, Emmy Awards. Her acting career helped Oprah a lot to become famous. 

Relationship Status :

Oprah’s husband Stedman Graham is an American educator, public speaker and also an author. They were at a different level of relationship goals. Oprah is not married to Graham, they were living in a live in relationship from the last 36 years. Her husband is very supportive. In 1992, Stedman Graham proposed to Oprah, but they have changed their decisions and started living together. Also, Oprah and his husband confessed that they have different opinions and life goals, but they support each other at every difficult moment. 

Oprah’s Assets and Income Status :

Oprah Gail Winfrey’s net worth income is 3.5 billion dollars. She reached billionaire status in the year 2000, by pursuing a famous TV show, the “Oprah Winfrey ” show. In 1989, she became a millionaire, also she owns 200 million dollars worth of real estate. In Chicago, her primary residence covers 9625 square foot. Her most charming real estate is a 23,000 square foot mansion, which was in California and it’s price was worth 90 million dollars. She owns 67 acres in Montecito. And also in Washington State, she owned a 43 acre estate. This states that, from living a life in poverty, she built her up and enriched a luxurious life and showed that nothing is impossible. 

Oprah Gail Winfrey’s Willpower :

Though Oprah was famous for her TV show, which began with women related problems, later on covered all kinds of topics. She was very fortunate, and got many offers from other TV shows. Oprah had established HARPO productions, and also she struggled a lot because there were many competitors around, but she managed all the toughest situations with Jeffrey Jacob. King World, known as the famous production team, was working with Oprah, while HARPO studios used to pay all the production costs. Later on, Oprah dealt with ABC, where she was available to launch TV shows, magazines, movies, books. All these were under the HARPO Campus area. King World, Jeopardy and Wheel of fortune were the producers team, they used to provide money to Oprah. CBS team, one of the famous known name deals with Oprah, and she owned 1% of CBS. Famous talk shows in the 1980s like Jerry Springer, Sally Jesse Raphael would earn millions of dollars. By all these running TV shows she became the World’s richest self-sufficient woman in America. 

Some Amazing Facts :

Oprah has donated 400 million dollars to charity. She has a team known as “Oprah’s Angel Network”, they support and donate money to the needy. She invented an academy for the girls in South Africa, named as “Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy”. And by doing all these amazing works and with her helpful nature, she got the Presidential Medal Of Freedom Award from America’s former President Barack Obama. 

Conclusion :

At the end of this essay, we came to the conclusion that every person faces ups and downs in their life, but if we take every situation positively, then no one can defeat us at any point, we can overcome all the hurdles in life. Oprah Gail Winfrey is one of the best examples, she has achieved wealth by working hard and became a famous billionaire. 

By Aabruti Chakraborty

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