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We are happy to inform you that we have received a large number of very good essays. We are not able to publish all the good essays on our website. However, we want that your essays should be read by many readers, so that your voice can be spread to many. Also, many deserving essays remain unpublished and remain in our inbox. Therefore, we decided that we shall try to accommodate many good essays in our digital magazine Weaver”. It is free and everyone can read online. To read the Weaver, please click here https://monomousumi.com/weaver-digital-magazine/

Therefore, we are inviting innovative and creative writers, designers, and other experts to volunteer us for various activities related to our magazine Weaver, essay Contest and other allied activities. The successful applicants will be included in the editorial board of one of the editions of the Weaver.

For this purpose, we are inviting, guest editors, designers, illustrators, video editors, quiz masters, social media handlers for upcoming editions.

Interested participant may apply in the prescribed format given below.


  1. The applicant should have any type of expertise in creative filed, like sketch, art, paint, illustration, designing, video editing and so on. All the creative minds are welcome
  2. The applicant should be disciplined
  3. There is no age limit
  4. Applicant should devote at least 5 hours in a month for various activities for their home.

Terms and Conditions

1. There is no finance involved (Neither payment will be made nor any payment will be asked for publication)

3. The applicant should have full knowledge of MS word (for editors)

4. The applicant should be punctual, disciplined, and should have good command on English/Hindi/Bengali language.

5. Priority will be given to them who have prior experience of editing.

6. You have to reply in this mail if you are interested. 

7. There will be no strict deadline but there will be some deadline to complete the project, which will be discussed later.

8. We shall finalize the name of the editor tentatively around 10th June. So please reply soon.

9. In the magazine, your name will be embossed as an Editor.

10. Certificate will be provided.

11. Non monetary benefits will be given.

13. Responsibilities: There will not be any strict responsibilities.

14. Advantage: gain experience, build your portfolio, certificate, fame and many more

Advantages of Joining Us

1. You will get a certificate of being a Editorial Team Member of Weaver

2. Your name will be included in the editorial team page and announced

3. You will be invited in all the webinars for some specific managerial roles (if you wish)

4. You will be given a chance to become editor (working under senior editor) of one magazine/ebook, which would help you in your understanding the process and honing writing ability.

5. You can submit the work experience during your job interviews.

6. Opportunity to work with an International Team

If you wish to apply, you just need to mail us at monomousumi@gmail.com with your application the below given format

Application Format




WhatsApp number:

Your strength (Skills):

Education Qualification:

Any past experience of editing

Any contact in Media:

How much time can you devote per day: (Maximum 1 hour per day is required). There is no daily work. You are as free as you are now. 

Applying for:  You can tick any and give justification why are you suitable for this responsibility




Video Editor:

Social Media Handler:


*You may apply for two positions at a time.

Give your all strengths, like in which filed are you strong.

Editorial Team of last two volumes of Weaver



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