How To Do Effective Google Indexing In 2020

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What is indexing? Why do you need to get your website indexed? These are some key queries which you need to be aware of. Every website owner wants his website to appear among the top search results. However, there are some important concepts which you need to be aware off. Your website would not be shown among the search results if it has not been indexed by Google. It’s your responsibility to must index your site in Google that you own in order to achieve huge improvement in your organic search results.

Google Search Results displayed against keywords

  •  What happens when you search for something on the internet? Based on what you have searched for, a list of results would be displayed on your screen. However, these results are not extracted from the World Wide Web and most people do not know this. These results are extracted from the list of pages indexed on Google. When your website is not indexed successfully on Google, people would not be able to view it when they search for a related category. Consider an example to get more clarity.
  • Consider that you have a website for selling herbal medicine and a user types the phrase “buy herbal medicines online”. If your website is not indexed properly by Google, it would not be displayed among the search results. When a link would not be shown on the screen, it is obvious that visitor would not be able to click the link. Hence, in a nutshell, it can be said that indexing is absolutely important for getting traffic.

How does indexing work? 

Google has a complicated algorithm to index pages. Google has a crawling feature through crawlers go through new pages and adds them. Along with that, the changes made in existing pages are also extracted by crawlers. The moment your website is indexed on Google and it meets the needed requirements. 

Here are some areas which you need to focus on to accelerate the indexing process. 

Improve the inbound links

  • Google has certain parameters on the basis of which they examine websites through crawling. One of them is the number of outbound links that the website has. New websites do not have enough inbound links. This is one of the key reasons why they are indexed at a slower pace. If you have a recently built website, you need to increase the inbound links and enhance the pace of the crawling process.
  • Websites need to structure a proper link building process. This convinces search engines to improve the crawling process and index the websites at a faster pace.

Websites with a technical server issue 

Website owners need to check the loading speed of your website. At times, websites have heavy pages and this reduces the loading speed. If your website has a slow loading speed, the crawling process would be slower as well. 

·                You need to check the page loading speed of your website. If the pages take too much time to load, the indexing process would be slower as well. If pages are optimized and the loading speed is improved, the indexing process would improve as well.

·                Websites with technical problems are not accepted in a good way by Google search engine crawlers. Thus, website owners need to keep a check on whether the website is technically sound or not. A website is only indexed successfully if it has technical flaws. 

·                Websites with too many URL’s are not indexed quickly. Hence, before your website gets indexed, remove the extra URL’s from your website.

Improving user experience can change the game 

Users are particular about the interface of the websites they visit. If the website has a hard to use interface, they show reluctance towards using it. User experience is a key factor for a website and in the present time, its importance is very high. To increase the crawling process and getting indexed quickly on Google, website owners should make sure that the user experience is nothing less than exceptional. Here are some key points that can prove to be helpful in this relation. 

·                The overall interface of the website should be simple. For instance, if the user visitor ends up on the landing page and wises to view the “Contact Us” page, he should not be required to search through several pages or scroll unnecessarily. These factors decrease the level of user experience. Users should be able to find all important links including Home Page, About Us, Services and products in an easy manner. 

·                Users prefer websites with zero technical issues. Unfortunately, a lot of website owners do not pay attention to this aspect. They do not check the websites for broken links or slow pages. For a user, a broken link is a key signal that the website is not reliable. Broken links are mainly due to two reasons. One of them is when there is a technical problem and the second reason is page updating. When a particular section of the website is being updated, it would be in an “unresponsive” state. Website owners should be sure that when a page is being updated, the users are redirected to an alternate temporary page. The error 404 leaves a negative impression on the mind of the user and he does not feel encouraged about revisiting the website.

Having Google Web Master Tool

Google Webmaster tool is a helpful option if you are looking to get your website indexed quickly without spending a lot of time. The indexing of a website is checked through Google Webmaster Tool. Once you have published new content, you can use the Google Webmaster tool and get the needed statistics.

Being active on social networks

The role of social networking and social media platforms has changed tremendously over the period of time. Today, social media is a key constituent for a company to grow, get customers and build a business profile. A lot of brands do not adopt this strategy. As a result, they take a much longer time frame to grow. Other than that, the existence on social networks also has an impact on how quickly their website gets indexed.

  •          Even before you start thinking about getting customers and developing a clientele, you have to get your website indexed. If your website is not indexed, customers would not be able to visit your website as it would be listed in the searched results. In the present time, being active on social media is very important if you want customers to come your way. Companies that do not have a good social media presence find it hard to get their website indexed in a quick manner. Search engines give a lot of priority to websites that are active on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.
  •          People tend to purchase things from the company after they are convinced with its presence on social media. For instance, consider that you have to purchase a book from a brand. To start with, you would look at the Facebook page of the company to go through the user reviews. If you feel that most people have not posted satisfactory comments about the company, you would exit the page and look for other book brands. This actually reflects the buying behaviour that people have these days. When they are looking to purchase something, they make their decision on the basis of social media. Hence, for companies to be indexed in a quick manner, it is important to have strong social networking.
  •         Creating a Facebook page does not mean that your website would be indexed in a quick manner by Google. You need it to beef it up with constituents which would attract audience. For instance, social media pages should have fresh content so that the interest level of the audience can increase with the passage of time. When you share fresh posts, blogs, images and videos on your social media accounts every other day, people would be attracted and make regular visits.


In an overall manner, the success of a website does depend on how quickly it gets indexed. Websites that are not indexed properly do not get the exposure that is needed. This is because these websites do not appear among the searched results.

  •    The indexing process is executed through bots that crawl and collect information. This information is related to new web pages and the ones that have undergone modification. After this process, the pages are listed on Google. However, the rank awarded to each page depends on the quality of content that it offers. For instance, websites that have regularly updated pages get listed high on search engine results.
  •    One key factor that plays a pivotal role in deciding the rank of a website is its technological platform. For instance, some websites have a slow page loading speed. Such websites find it hard to make it to the top ranks. The reason is that people seek websites which are quick and do not require a lot of time to load. Other than that, websites that have a long loading time are also counted as less dependable.


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