“Mother’s Day”

Photo: redlandsrsl.com
Photo: redlandsrsl.com

                    Every child celebrates this auspicious day of Mother’s day to show love to their mother. It’s observed as one of the significant events of the year and is observed on second Sunday of the month of May every year. It has become a new trend in schools that Mother’s day is celebrated by children in front of their Mother on Mother’s day. Children gift to their mother Mother’s Day cards and other gift items and makes their mom feel special. Some families also plan for dinners and go out together to celebrate mother’s day.

                   Mother is one of the goddesses in the society. She plays many role like mother, sister, doctor when you get hurts, etc. she is one who keeps all the pain in heart but show a small smile as if she is happy. She never says no to her children she always try to do whatever her children ask. She will always try to insist what is correct and what is wrong. I will always say my mom “always whenever I get anger on you, it shows that I can’t live without you” every child says this words because every child loves their mother more than them.

           Mother’s day is always special for their children. Preparations gets started a week before the day in schools and the parents are called top attend mother’s day celebration in schools. Specifically mothers are invited in the schools so as to make them feel honoured for whatever they do to help their children grow and understand the intricacies of the world. Schools prepare for an assortment of activities for Mother’s day celebration. While some of the students prepare for Mother’s day rhyme in English some of them prepare it in other language. Mothers on this day go to their children’s schools to participate in the celebration.

             A mother is everything! She can alone handle all the relationships and give one the taste of all the love one gets from different members of their family. She is the best friends you can share your life with without bothering to be judged and be caught for something which we not right in your life. It is her selfless love that a mother showers upon her children which makes you and your mother an inseparable entity. She laughs when her children do, she is happy when her children are and she cries when her children do. A mother is only the person who will not leave their children alone whatsoever may be the circumstances. She cares for her children whole-heartedly without asking for anything in return.

         A mother without being bothered on her own health and comfort takes care of all the responsibilities of her households and all the members of the family. It’s the grace of the God that a mother is empowered with which makes her strong enough that she works for so long and that too without getting tired for a while. When she finds her children in pain she literally forgets about all her own pain. She is such a satisfied creature that she takes up a huge responsibility on her shoulders and that too without being paid for it. Though, her contribution is so very much bigger that we cannot compensate for it but at least we can show our gratitude to our gorgeous mother by wishing her on Mother’s day.

             A few decades ago when a small baby was going into the Earth she asked god “dear god, you are sending me to the Earth where can I live and how can I live? Are you going to and how can I live? Are you going to come along with me.”

Then god replied there you will have parents who will take care more than me and you will have many friends there  and after the end of your life when you come back here then if  I ask you who is your best friend then you  will say my mom is my best friend.

               So, parents are one of the greatest gift for every daughter and son. Many children think if we give a gift  to my mom then she ay feel happy but that happiness only for few days like two or three but not the whole year. Mother’s don’t need gifts on their birthday or mother’s day they need your true love, true affection and help from you daily that is the true gift.

        Speak with your mom for half an hour and see the spark in her eyes. No other person will love you as a mother does but only and only a mother expresses her true love for her children. “respect your mom as not everyone get this blessing.

            Conclusion:- Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, 2019.


Author BioAmulya Bavandla from Hyderabad.A 10th standard student of  THE CAULDRON HIGH SCHOOL.



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