Happy Mother’s Day 2019

Happy Mother's Day 2019



           “Heart and Mind – The Bonding is unimaginable.”

Heart expresses, Mind explains. Heart agrees, Mind argues. Heart Feels, Mind understands but pretends that it didn’t. Heart holds it tight, Mind ignores. Heart thinks, Mind disturbs.

Heart accepts the reality, Mind lives in the cloud cuckoo land. Heart and Mind will always live in the better of the two worlds. It is difficult to predict each one’s reaction. It changes now and then.

These arguments happen only when they are alone, but if they step into outside world, none can beat them. One feels hard to survive without the other.  

Here, Heart is compared to Mother and Mind is the children. The relationship between Mother and her children is always unique. Love, Care is always within them. Their bond is unbreakable and ever-lasting.

Whenever the child is backing home, the first person the child searches for is Mother. Mother shows her feelings out, the child hardly ever shows but it doesn’t mean that love for his/her mother is not there.

When the child is there at home, he/she argues and fights with his/her mother but when there are out, the child never leave his/her mother alone. Every child has within itself the emotions and tries hard to keep his/her mother happy. He / She make the mother happy by scoring good marks, being discipline, getting job etc.

Every child in this succeeds his/her life with mother’s support, love and blessing. Every child has respect for his/her mother in his/her heart so they can achieve greater heights in life and live happily for long.

Mothers’ are always for their children and they wish that their children should be healthy, well-behaved, reach greater heights in life with due respect and love. Mother’s love is unconditional for her children from the time she gave birth.

            ”There is nothing as powerful as a mother’s love and nothing as healing as a child’s soul.”

On this Occasion, I’d like to wish who are all mothers, who will soon be mothers and all future mothers, a Very Happy Mothers’ Day. Be Happy to be a Mother.

You are working the year round and you are getting only one special to celebrate so be happy and enjoy Mothers’ Day. It is really a very special day for all the mothers in the world.  Once again, Happy Mothers’ Day!

Author BioSahithya.B.A., Grade 12 Student, SSV, Karur.


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