Major Technological Advancement Of Last Decade

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Technology, we will raise to a question what is technology? Technology is nothing but an application which is developed with a scientific knowledge. There are many great inventions and there is huge development in our world compared to 90’s and 80’s. But there are still greatest technologies which make all our life with science like rockets, artificial satellites, smartphones, Netflix, Bollywood films etc. now let’s see briefly about the technology:


It is an American top media service. Founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts valley, California. It has online TV programs and 2007, Netflix expanded its business by publishing blue ray rental service. There are also many famous series like Marry Poppins returns, stranger things, glow, Luke cage etc.

Bollywood films:

Most of the Bollywood films are been produced by Bollywood film industry of Mumbai. There is 1000 films released every year. There is mixture of language Hindi, Urdu, Punjab. There are also many Hindi mixed with English like queen, jab we met, star, etc.


On February 15 2017, ISRO launched 104 satellites in a single rocket (PSLV- C37) and created a world record. ISRO launched its heaviest rocket (GSLV- MK111), on 5 June 2017 and placed a communications satellite in orbit. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is called the Missile man of India. There are also many greatest technologies which has changed our life.

One of the major technology is bionic eye. Our human eye consists of iris, cornea, pupil and retina. Our human eye is round in shape and its so delicate that it   damages the interior part of. And the most important is our optic nerve. What is bionic eye? Who invented bionic eye? A bionic eye is the device used in the restore or replacement functional vision in those who suffering from blindness by VLSI chips. Mark humayun invented bionic eye. His grandmother was suffering from retinitis pigmentosa. In order to give vision to people like his grandmother so he decided to invent bionic eye. He first invented Argus ocular implant which cures from blindness cause by retinitis pigmentosa. This helped the blind to regain their vision and also see the partial patterns, colors etc. It uses retinal implant connected to a video camera to convert images into electrical impulses which carry signal to the brain. Seeing the light without the light entering the eye is called phosphenes. What if we undergo a eye surgery? We can undergo the surgery but if the optic nerve is damaged, we cannot gain our vision. But in millions of the cases the optic nerve is the major loss. When a person is infected with ocular tumor in the back eye can donate their cornea. Cornea is a sheet which can help the blind to feel or see the things around them. The person cannot regain their by doing eye surgery. And the costs of the surgery are also to high. After the development of Argus 2, the second sight medical products in California USA. They developed the Argus 2 which made the blind to lead their life normal. Then slowly many more countries start developing bionic eye. In German a bionic eye technology developed called Alpha IMS. It is a chip tiny micro only 3 mm in diameter. It has 1,500 microphotodiode- amplifier pixels. Now it is the world most popular bionic eye technology. There are also many more donations, campaigns for blind people.

In France the bionic eye is called as IRIS V2 . In Australia the Gennaris bionic eye invented miniature camera. The images are transferred into patterns and pixels which is captured by the camera. Each of these dots stimulate a tiny 5 mm computer chip containing   500,000 electrical transistors which is implanted in the brain via a wireless antenna. There are many researchers who still research on the advancement of bionic eye. We can also take care of our eyes from small injuries:                                        

  • Too little or too much light is bad for eyes.
  • Laser light or powerful sun light can injure the retina.
  • Never rub your ey . If particles of dust wash it with the clean water.

Most common amongst is night blindness. We have to maintain the diet which has vitamin A like raw carrots, broccoli, and green vegetables. And cod liver oil is rich in vitamin A.

Some children and people are visually impaired which is due to some disease, injuries. Such persons try to identify things by touching and listening to the voice more carefully. Like the bionic eye there is a popular resource for visually challenged people called Braille. Louis braille himself was visually challenged person. He published this system in 1821. There is braille code for common languages like math and scientific notation.

There are also many people who achieved their goal:

  • Ravindra Jain was born completely visually impaired but he has got Sangeet Prabhakar degree and now he is a lyricist, singer and a music composer.
  • Lal Advani has established an association for special education of disabled in India. He represented India on braille problems in UNESCO.
  • Helen A. Keller an American author and a lecturer. She lost her sight when she was 18 months old. But her courage helped her to complete her graduation in the university. She wrote many books one of the famous books is The Story of my life in 1903.

Like them 1.2 million future pillars are visually challenged. So let’s all joined together and help our brothers and sisters. Today we donate the eye but we are giving the beautiful scenary to an artist to draw. The technology can bring a change in our life but the vision for our country will be developing. They are not blind but they are the most talented people where god has given them the special talents to enrich our world.

Jai Hind !  Jai Bharat !

Author Bio – S. Fateena Kawthar, A participant of International Essay Competition, September.


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