Role Of Information Technology

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Since time immemorial , we have been seeing development around us. This developmental phase started from the Prehistoric age and then this development God eternal .Be it the invention of fire or the invention all the invention of tools humans have developed the surrounding believe it or not here we  are today standing on the highest peak of success touching the Sky High in our surrounding we have so much Technology that one can’t avoided Neil Armstrong became the first human to step into the surface of the moon on July a 1969 and estimated of 500 million people worldwide watched this event the largest television audience for a live broadcast at that time it is a one Incredible to think the advancement from the name of the pen to the tip of the clock everything is technology around us

The greatest technological advancement in the last decade is the invention of Information Technology .It consist of oceans of information at a click you are somewhere else you want to know about solar system just your one click and you are in the space. you can go there where no one can. Be the depth of the ocean or the peak of the Mount Everest. you can know anything and everything. Information technology is just like some magic wand .No less than any magic but as I said everything has its two side same is with the information technology having access to everything gives opportunity to some cheap people to use it in a different way. This information technology gives access to some nude material which is very harmful for teenagers as they can easily distracted . It depends on us to see use it in a positive way where at one side is technology is helpful then at the other side it is responsible for the rape of many women .If at one side it is helping the police to catch some criminal then on the other side it is responsible for the suicide of many .It can be more bad then good . I don’t know why? I really feel like to ask some question that why these technology teaches “pappu can’t dance sala and why not helping some poor .why this technology can’t teach to respect old people rather then making old age for them .I can only hope for the answer.

This technology has made a huge impact on us not at all in a positive way but the worst negative way .The dream of our golden future seems dull .If today we are standing here then what will happen tomorrow. I think that tomorrow some rapist won’t even fear to Rome in public .

Green house gas , ozone hole  , melting glacier , increasing sea level ,amount of diseases and everything which is happening today .Is all because of that one single technological advancement

We are standing in the 20st and I really hope these story of the Atlantis island may not come true this time because if that will happen. Then the day is not far when we Homo sapiens known for our wise thinking will curse it .and this so beautiful earth full of life and oxygen will change into barren and rocky with an atmosphere of hydrogen and helium .

Author Bio :Sarmin Mondal  a class XI student of ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL BENGDUBI, West Bengal (silliguri) .A participant of International Essay Competition,September.


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