Someone rightly quoted “he who has health has hope, and he who has hope, has everything”. And who in this world doesn’t want everything? Quite obvious answer ‘no one’. It is not a useless paper to be burnt in a flame, it is not a photo to be caught in a frame, it is not a weak truth to be trampled in fame, it is not a pawn to be used in a game, it is indeed a divine blessing to gain. It is health.

A healthy lifestyle is the reason for hope and happiness .It just not changes your body but rather additionally plays a vital job in changing your disposition, your state of mind and you philosophy towards life. Illness works as a slow drug that smashes ones confidence, breaks his fantasies and becomes an obstacle in the path of life.

Seven colors make a rainbow

Seven chords make music

Seven days make a week

Seven continents make a world

And seven beautiful letters make


Humans are social animals and it is a natural human tendency and behavior to mingle with other humans, to talk to them and to make them friends. A true friend is the who helps us out when our boat of life is stuck between the tides of challenges and one who helps to tread towards your goal.

And when health and friend come together then what’s called a fitness watch is created. The title of my essay is ‘healthvolution’ which is formally no word in English but is formed by combining the two words- health and evolution. It was high time that humans should evolve and make their ways of living healthy lifestyles advanced. And so to fulfill this need the fitness watches started their journey in US in 1984as an idea has now become fitness watches and reached our stores. It was only during the last five years that these watches have gained the attention of the people.

According to the current surveys conducted in national institute of London the activity trackers or fitness watches have been the most popular technological device that has been sold in the last two years.

According to the National health and nutrition examination survey conducted in 2013-2014, 2 in 3 adults are suffering from obesity or are overweight. Which in simpler terms mean that more than half of the world’s adult population is obese and needs fitness buddy? And this need is fit in by these watches?

These watches help one to keep track of their regular fitness routine. These watches tell us about how many steps we have walked in the day. It also allows us to set a target about how many steps to achieve and helps us complete it. It makes us aware of how many calories we have burnt. It also tells the distance we have walked.

These watches also have reminders which remind us when we have to drink water and when we have to eat food. It also provides a diet plan to follow so that we can achieve our desired fitness goals .Adding to these features it also has sensors which track our heart beat and provide a report of our heartbeats and ECG’s.

It doesn’t only works in day time but also works in night time as it keeps a record of our sleep and provides the complete graph depicting our sleep quality and sleep pattern.

Advanced model of these watches also have a feature of GPS which helps us locate our way if we are lost. It also has calling and messaging features. Adding to these unlimited priceless benefits it also has the favorite feature of all that is social media. We can use apps such as face book, instagram etc.

Its exam time going on and the atmosphere is completely filled with tension and anxiety, keep your eyes glued to the television because it’s an India vs Pakistan cricket match going on. In such cases when everyone is filled with nail biting anxiety this buddy detects your pulse rate and help you stay calm by presenting quick, short and refreshing videos.

It is one of the worst feelings which we have when we unintentionally drop our phones and alas, the phone which we bought for 30000 is broken. But this problem would not happen with your watches because even if they are dropped they won’t break so your money will not go futile. Also your phones turn dead when you actually need them; on the other hand these activity trackers have to be charged only for 1 hour and will work up till 2-3 days. You can connect its charger in any USB connection and the charger is just about6-7 cm long, so you can carry it in your pockets as well .And if you are one of those who loves to switch on the television and watch Mickey mouse or minions, this fitness buddy provides you one more feature in which you can change the face of your watches. And if you want to express your mood during the day you can even set up any mood emoji to show others how you are feeling.

And these fitness buddies are available at cheap and reasonable rates. .I am unable to find any other better way in which you can utilize your 6000 rupees.

Around 325 million people around the globe wear this watch everyday. This watch has definitely made an impact on lives of millions of people. Millions have lost their weight and have regained their confidence and by losing weight they have come out from the danger zone of illness as obese and overweight people are prone to a lot of deadly diseases.

This watch really has the potential to bring healthvolution in this world and will help people save their money which they spend on curing their illnesses. To sum up I would like to say that during the last decade these watches are the greatest technological advancement which has been done to promote a healthy, happy and successful lifestyle.


Author Bio : Anika Singh, a class 10 student from  Ahlcon international school,  Delhi.A participant of International Essay Competition, month of September.


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