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Travelling to Rome is considered by many to be something unbelievable. But it has been said that they say that all roads lead to Rome. Your trip to Rome is sure to take place! There is a huge number of guests travelling to Rome. Sometimes Rome with its atmosphere and incredible architecture makes them stay in the Eternal City for a long time. Travelling to Rome will be unforgettable for you if you use some of the tips of experienced ones.

If you want to experience special emotions while travelling, pay attention to the cruise suggestions.

When travelling, pay attention to safety.

Not only decent people come to Rome, but scammers from all over the world also strive for coming here. Where, if not in Rome, to profit with the purse of the visitor to the next tourist. Advice to all travellers – put documents, money, credit cards in different places: pockets, wallets, maybe leave some money in a suitcase or even in a hotel safe.

Of course, Italy is not the most criminal country, but it is dangerous to travel here, a tourist can be seen from afar all sorts of pickpockets. They can spoil your journey by taking money from you.

Do not forget about comfort during travelling to Rome

So that your walks along Rome bring you joy only, wear comfortable shoes. Travelling around Rome is better than walking, looking into every corner of this wonderful city. The test for your legs will be the streets with antique pavers. Travelling on foot in Rome is also difficult because you will have to walk on hills and hills. After all, it is no coincidence that Rome is called the “City on 7 Hills”.

Travelling to Rome: Drinking fountains in Rome

During walks in Rome, tourists often spend a considerable amount to buy bottled water, keep in mind that in tourist places a bottle of water will cost you 2 – 3 euros.

If during the trip you would not want to spend money on water, look around and be sure to see the drinking fountain in Rome. There are a lot of them in Rome, the water in them is clean and this is crystal clear water from mountain springs. You can also stock up on water while shopping at the supermarket and choose more volume!


During your trip to Rome, you will certainly want to relax and have lunch. How to do it in Rome and not spend a lot of money? A few tips: do not choose restaurants that are close to famous attractions, most often you will give 2-3 times more than in a cafe on the next street and for sure the taste of the dish will not be what you expected.

When travelling around Rome, do not be intimidated by the small and narrow streets, and look at them more often, and you will be surprised to find many very cosy places with authentic Italian cuisine. Feel free to come over the menu on the street in view of raising an awareness. Your trip to Rome will truly be a pleasure if you visit any small bar in Rome.

Breakfast in the manner of Dolce Vita

Do you want to enjoy a delicious Italian breakfast in Rome? Travel to the bars of Rome without hesitation, go to anyone you meet on your way and know that fresh sweet pastries and cappuccino will be deserving the highest possible praise. The enjoyment of all Italian will be provided during your morning trip to Rome.

Those who experienced travelling to Rome, advise to look in the bar early, at 7 in the morning, you will be surprised by the abundance of pastries; she will paint your trip with new colours. Keep in mind that by 11 am this selection of desserts will not be waiting for you. In addition, do not be surprised that you are advised during a trip to Rome to walk in the morning on the bars. «Bar» («bar» in Italian) in Italy is a coffee shop where you can enjoy delicious pastries and fresh coffee, alcohol is not consumed in these places.

Travel to Rome will always be successful. However, you should keep in mind that to travel to this wonderful city, you should choose April-May (the period of flowering and a small amount of rain) or June-early July (then it is very hot).

When planning your trip to Rome in the fall, choose your September flight date to mid-November. Later travel can be very rainy. If you want to see winter Rome, you should plan a trip to Rome from late December to February (+10, cool wind, but warm sun).

During the winter trip to Rome, you should dress like a «cabbage», the weather often changes during the day. You can remove a couple of things and feel comfortable. Start your journey to Rome in the morning!

Rome wakes up very early, and tourists fill the streets closer to 10 am. Travelling in Rome in the early morning, you will enjoy walking through empty streets and iconic places completely free from crowds of tourists. The Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and the Colosseum will be yours only during your early journey through Rome.

Watch out for the florists is the advice of experienced travellers in Rome. There are always many salespeople from the Middle East who are trying to sell all kinds of trinkets in the centre of Rome. However, especially brazenly they do their tricks with flowers: first, they practically force them into your hand, pronouncing the phrase that this is a gift, and then they ask for 5 euros for three roses. It is better to ignore such sellers when travelling in Rome.

Taxi in Rome – not cheap enjoyment

A taxi is relatively inexpensive travel option. In Rome, this is not entirely so, so it is worth several times to think before continuing the journey by taxi. A short trip can cost 30 euros.

However, public transport is cheaper and very comfortable at the same time. Although in fairness it is worth saying that, a walking tour of Rome will be more pleasant for you.

 Tickets and queues

You do not have to stand in a queue for hours in order to buy tickets to the main places of interest in Rome if you buy them in advance.

When planning the purchase of tickets for transport during a trip to Rome, keep in mind that either you can buy them at ticket machines at metro stations, newsstands or tobacco (places with a sign «T». The ticket will cost you 1.5 euros, you can travel for 100 minutes from the moment you start using it. By following these tips, you can make your holiday in Rome 10 times more enjoyable, easier and more carefree.

More tips on travelling across Rome:

  • Rome City Pass is the only map, which is going to make an organization of your rest in Rome simpler and will help to save time and money a lot.
  • City Sightseeing Rome is a tourist bus and an excellent way to reach out all the monuments of Rome quick as the wind.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is much of a traveller herself who enjoys her job as a writer because she can combine it with her hobby. She writes for at the time and planning on a trip to Thailand. The most enjoyable journey she had so far was a honeymoon spent on Sri-Lanka. Together with her husband, she hopes for no less pleasurable trip to Indonesia and other Asian countries in the near future.


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