Let’s Know Indian Culture and Tradition from Different Angles


India is the hub of the culture where one can find many cultures in different places with different kind of people. In india , importance is given more to culture than money by  the people and they respect it. In india , there are many people of different caste and religion residing together. Culture as in india is different at different place like in south they follow different culture as their language is different then in north side and another like the way of speaking hindi is different in north and in south.

The dressing style of the people is way far different comparing with each other because all have faith in different culture. Some people follow old rigid culture where the rituals are given importance. These cultures make the diverse and peace among the peoples. One cant resist of other who is breaking the culture or destroying it by following it in opposite way.

Many foreigner specially came to india during festivals as they like the way we Indians celebrate the festivals with heart. Some foreigner likes to wore Indian clothes like saree and mens like to wore kurta pajama proper Indian dressing as they feel astonishing by woring that as in their culture they wore mostly suit or just jeans and shirt where in india it is different.

Due to this india attracts the other country people to visit india. Because the Indian culture is full of enjoyment.

Discussing about the marriages in india , marriages are different in every culture. people who follow old thinking they always go for the arrange marriage and says we had done this and we together till now and will remain so their children get not into different direction. As nowadays new generation boys and girls mostly go for the love marriage and some of them are success and others end up at separating  so fear of that parents wish to do arrange marriage. In love marriage the couple already know each other very well as they spend time with each other then only decided to get married while in arrange marriage the boy and girl meets and based on one meeting they decided whether to marry or not. While in deep narrow villages and cities the people used to get marry without seeing the boy or girl. They see each other after the marriage according to their culture.

In some caste the marriage is done during day time and particularly in afternoon and some do in early morning and some at night. All this based on different culture and most common is the good time given by the pandit for the wedding. Some do in temple while some at home and some do destination wedding where they go to particular place and get married.

By considering the worship to god is different in every caste. Hindu goes to Temple ,Muslim goes to Mosque , Sikh goes to Gurudwara , Jain goes to Derasar and Christian goes to Church. Also their praying pattern is also different. On particular days people wore their traditional clothes and goes to their holy place for worshiping. Some just believe in god without going temple while some spend more time in temple as they find peace and divine atmosphere.

People celebrate different festivals with joy and excitement. As the festival comes once in a year so people love to enjoy the festival. During the festivals , the younger ones gets to know about how to celebrate the festival as they are new to it and as they are small they are ignored if they make mistake . the major festivals like New year for every caste are celebrated with full of happiness ,joy and excitement. As these is the time where people forget the past and starts new year with happiness. Now a days a trend is become which is to make a resolution of doing or not to do particular task they decide like to do hard work in studies as well as on work.

Talking about the empowerment of the country of men or women there is a big difference in different state and city. Some think girls are not allow after 8/9 pm at night to go out. Some does not allow their girl to go out with boys. In some area, after the girl’s study is over she is to get marry she is not allowed to work. In some cities now a days women are seen more than men working in the office. As women empowerment is increasing  day by day but in some area it will not get change as they follow rigid and narrow rituals. Some parents are open minded they allow their girl to work ,go out as they believe in freedom .

But though many motivational speakers speaks about the freedom or good about the changes to be made in culture not the whole but some things that need to be change then also people will not change as they believe that young generation does not know anything  about the culture.

Due this type of different cultures and the way they are celebrate makes the world astonishing . Due to that India is consider place of culture.



Writer Bio : Keyur Patel, an outstanding participant of International Essay Contest, Dec-2019


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