5 Things to Know Before Moving to Chicago

Photo: Livemint
Photo: Livemint

When you think about Chicago you may think it is the windiest city with the coldest winters however there is more to the city than this.

Here is a list of five things to know before you go to Chicago, from locals who have made the move and do plan to stay a while.

5 Things about Chicago

  1. It is cold, as you may have heard

Between the effects felt from the snow and low pressure systems that enter into the city from Canada, winter is not to be underestimated in Chicago. Approximately 2.7 million locals still stick around in the city despite the cold weather, and you can too. Invest in a good coat and pair of boots. Instead of opting for a fashion statement coat, look for a parka. If you find that the weather is wearing you down, take a trip, travel somewhere instead of staying indoors. These cold winters in Chicago make the locals look forward to summer.

  1. You don’t need a car

You don’t need a car in the city because transportation in Chicago is very convenient. Chicago is 237 square miles and many people may think having a car is quite necessary, however you don’t need one. There are so many modes of transportation available, if you are not close to a train, you can always rent a car or find another way of getting around. There are endless possibilities available for you in Chicago.

  1. Affordable real estate exists

It is possible to find affordable real estate, you may even want to find a fixer upper home. These are available at a much better price and you can make it suitable to your style, while still enjoying living in the city.

  1. Neighbours are friendly

Many people that move to Chicago say that the community they choose is very inviting and accepting. Chicagoans make people feel at home and are close-knit giving you a community feel even though the city is so large. People look out for one another and many areas in the city choose to create a Facebook page or some other social media page top alert each other of something out of the ordinary.

  1. Find what makes you comfortable

Create a warm and cosy atmosphere where you live. Each person has a different idea of what makes them feel better in the winter. Some people claim that a pot of chili and some good company does the trick, others may have their own ideas. It is important to find what makes you feel better.

Have a great stay in Chicago!


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